“Living With Down Syndrome”: How to make friends in this society

Living with down syndrome its hard for me to make friends in this society. There is the pressure to make a good impression and also making small talk. Which for me making small talk is not come nature to me. I have to think before I talk which is extremely hard for me. I also need to read the body language and how I come across in my tone of voice. I sometimes come across as mean and pushy and i didn’t realize i was coming across that way. This is one of the biggest challenges for me and with the help of my life coach and yes i do have a life coach that helps me see how I can overcome my challenges and make it apart of my life. She made me realize that making friends is hard for me because of this challenge on how I come across in my tone of voice. If I tell myself in my head first before i say anything I won’t hurt others feelings and mine. Living with Down Syndrome and making friends can be a big challenge to overcome. If I put in the time to make a close friendship with somebody I can be apart of something big and keep making new friendships overtime.

In this society is making things much harder to make new friends and especially during coronavirus pandemic. Being isolated and not having the opportunity to grow in your friendship and relationships over all. This is making things worst and not letting us be around other people is making it really hard on and for us. For me living with down syndrome experiencing going through this pandemic and not making any friends is making me depressed and lonely most days. I am taking this day by day and step by step to start living my life and making new and meaningful friendships.

2 thoughts on ““Living With Down Syndrome”: How to make friends in this society

  1. Annemarie, this is one of your best and most honest blog entries ever! May I send it to about forward it to some friends? Very specific friends of course!

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  2. Where have you been???? No valentines blog? No blogs for a while. Hopefully you’re not confusing being bored with no friends because I know you have friends. I don’t have friends. My friends are what the synagogue Jew community would call “up and coming.” They come around if there is something in it for them immediately or long term. That’s why I read your lifestyle blog every day.

    I like vinyasa yoga, movies, the beach, breakfast, the idea of running, and tv shows on premium channels like HBO, Showtime, AppleTV, Starz.

    I stay busy with work. Did you know that in the tow industry, the guys get to work 12 hour shifts / 6 days a week? And after their shift they’re often asked to do more and there are posters all over the businesses saying we are family and it’s a family business? People who tow cars literally could do nothing else except maybe construction. How bizarre!


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