Do you wish you didn’t have Down syndrome?

in my childhood i had reckoned my brain on the fact if i didn’t have down syndrome or not. I gotten to a place that I insisted that i didn’t have down syndrome. I thought it was a decease and i will get over it soon. A few years later i grew to accept that it was not a decease and it is a diagnosis i am born with. When I was a child i did wish i didn’t have Down Syndrome, But now I don’t wish that because i would have not been where i am today and all of the accomplishments i have done since today. Right now in my life i do not wish i have down syndrome. I am very blessed and very happy right now.

I Could not have my life without the help of my family and the support of my friends. If I did still wish i didn’t have Down Syndrome my family and friends would have miss me and be very sad. I am so luckily to know i have the support system i have today.

3 thoughts on “Do you wish you didn’t have Down syndrome?

  1. Sometimes I have Down syndrome which means that there is awareness of human body systems to either block, alter, or amplify the transfer of elements/compounds inside that contribute to the definition of normal. I don’t understand why that would happen to me except to show governing people who are before the official and not very smart but very very marine governing that every accomplishment and problem/coincidence is done intentionally which plays a psychological game with people. I am certain I am smarter than the entire highland park combined and that’s without foresight so imagine my burden of explanation to these morons, AMC. How frustrating for us both. Surely the super cunning officials were going to hit a premeditated idea of reaching for a top line to redeem errors in judgment which is why we have a legal system to keep our hand against in the dark.


  2. Very nicely put. If you didn’t have Down Syndrome they you would not have attended UCM THRIVE and I would have not met you! I am very proud of you and cannot wait to see you again. Hugs


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