Have you felt like suddenly you think differently on the outlook of your life?  How do you cope with change? Do You feel change could help us grow as a human being? Change can be a good thing in our lives but we need to be open-minded for the chance to be changed. I Use to hate Change but now I am growing to love change. Knowing Jesus Christ has my back I don’t have to be afraid of change anymore. I used to get afraid a lot of what my life looks like in the future and I am still afraid of what my life looks like in the future but I have to trust Jesus Christ for him to take care of my life.   I have to be patient for him to make it for me. I sometimes feel worried and impatient because  I really want to know what my future looks like. Change is so hard on a daily basis but we need to realize that it’s not in our hands to make our future, it is in the hands of a very patient and loving Jesus Christ.

How do I cope with Change? Well, I usually try to be in a headspace to be with Jesus and I will pray to him while I listen to worship music.  Being with him gives me the ability to conquer everything he throws my way. I also have friends for me to talk to and they will typically give me advice on what to do. The key is having friends around you to help support you throughout your life. I am so blessed to have the friends I have. Especially Kurt and Julie Neale, Chris and Laura Berry, My Big Brother Taylor, and my best roommate Olivia Richard and her dad. I have so many friends who support me and love me all through my life. Thank you to the people I mentioned for enriching my life. I will never forget these people.

Who are the people in your life who support you and believe in you?

Thanks for Reading

6 thoughts on “CHANGE COULD HELP US GROW!!!

  1. What’s with all the advertisements? I can’t read the blog without thinking that you said we’re all one body which actually should be interpreted as a fact of the future when an entire metropolitan decides to disregard our penal code and compound infractions of federal law


  2. I am not one who never leaves comments on anyone’s page but I want to let you know how truly blessed I am to have come to your page and am inspired and deeply touched by your words of wisdom. Thank you so much and keep blogging.


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