What is Your Dream Job?

Do you ever think back in time and ask yourself what is my dream job? I bit 99% of people in the United States are not working at there dream job they had as a kid. I for sure am one of those people did not work at my dream job I thought when I was a kid. I wanted to be a fashion designer creating beautiful dresses but ended up working at my second dream job at a local Book Publishing company. I knew when I was a kid I did not read that much but when I was a teenager I was obsessed with reading books. Is it weird that a lot of people are not working at there dream job but ended up loving what they do? There are some people who absolutely hate their job but need to stay there because they need the money. We do weird things to live our life’s we want to have. everything is about money these days. I think that money can’t buy love and society is trying to ruin the fact that love can’t be bought. We think society is everything with the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood and the celebrities. We need to stop feeling society is God. Which is not. Society is not the god but society is trying us to believe they are. Don’t believe in society. All they want to do is to tear you down and sink into their level. I believe society is a reflection on Satin because he wants to ruin our lives and I can’t sit around and watch what they are trying to do with you guys. I am standing up for people who want to stop satin and society. Who is in with me? I am for sure in raising this movement into taking back our lives.

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