I want to live the life I want it to Be!!!

I want to live the life I want it to be. I want to live in a state that rains some and some days of sun. I want to read a lot while drinking coffee in a coffee shop while it is raining outside and then working in a newspaper writing articles while the sun is out fetching a juicy stories to tell. And some days with my family and friends gathering around a huge fire in a house that looks like an old wooden librarian theme house during the winter time telling Christmas stories around the fire. I want the house filled with old books and poems. Having a library in the house. I am all about tradition and the simple life. That is the life I want it to be. Right now I am trying my best to live the life I want it to be. A true fact if you want to live longer you live the life you want it to be.

My inspiration for the life I want it to be is my mom and my grandfather on my dad’s side of the family. I have a imagine of him in his rocking chair outside back patio looking over a lake in Arkansas reading a newspaper and a cigar in his mouth and a Single Molt Scotch neat in his other hand. I will never forget this image of him that is the definition of the simple life with my mom being another inspiration it is because of her traditions of cooking Christmas breakfast and being a caring person. She and her mom always is all about old fashioned people with making clothes together and everyday having a happy life and so peaceful.

I do not know what I would do without my mom and dad and my grandparents. They are my inspiration all throughout my life.

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