Life changing lifestyle

Hey I have been in Colorado exploring its beautiful nature. I am interning for a film producer. He is a god like person who haves a passion to help others to find god in their life. He and my dad are friends and my dad talked to him to think of ways to use my passion of helping and they thought of something that I would be a good idea for me to intern for him because we have the same thing in common to help others. Now rewind to why I am writing this blog post . The film producer wanted to create a documentary of what is normal through the lens of Down syndrome. Because I have Down syndrome he thought I would be a good fit for me to be in it. So I am in Colorado working for him making the documentary with another intern. The film producer wants me to be more honest. There was a life changer experience for me because I was sick with an UTI and a headache. I finally told my dad and both film producer and his other intern and his wife the whole story. So it feels great to get it off of myself. I won't be that person anymore that covers up everything and to be less selfish. I have two friends that I can open to and I am closer to my dad . Life changing experience is a great way to be more honest and be who you are. Be open to be yourself and people will love and cherish you just for being yourself. God knows everything and he is glad to know you because you are being yourself. Worship god because he created you in the first place.

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