Short stories

Short stories #1

My make-believe holiday contains reading a lot of books and drinking coffee all day. Everyone gets a book and their own specialty-made coffee. Think it’s a book club and coffee club that comes together to celebrate the 100th year of opening the first-ever collaboration social club and intellect conversations in this location. The owner “Annabelle” puts on an event to showcase the anniversary of the opening. Most of the people that got invited are avid readers and coffee snobs. Annabelle made an announcement about welcoming the people in and telling them what they are embark on. She says “There is free coffee and a bunch of books to read. You can read them in our library across the hall. In the next room, there is a barista that can make any kind of coffee and tea. If you are hungry please work your way over to the back where you will see a man grilling Barbecue and Hamburgers. Welcome to “Cafe D Book”. I hope you are enjoying your time here tonight. If you need anything you can ask me or one of our staff all throughout the building. -Annemarie C

Short story #2

I feel Dark Green because it is about to rain. I think dark green feels warm and comfy. It’s like one huge hug keeping me satisfied and safe. And it also relaxes me when I am stressed out and worry too much. I like this weather because it is the perfect time to read a good book and stay in your comfy clothes and drink coffee all day long. -Annemarie C

Short Story #3

“I have to go,” she said suddenly, jumping up from the table during dinner. I just remembered that I already made plans with a friend and I am running late.” She grabbed her purse and her keys and left the house, and she drove off to meet her friend. The family kept eating the homemade dinner, and then they went their separate ways. Marissa is driving in a dark green SUV to head to Big Al’s to catch drinks with Charisa. Charisa just got off from her stressful job and was already in her third cocktail, waiting for Marissa to come. Marissa finally arrived, and Charisa saw Marissa walking into the bar. Marissa walked to the bar and gave the bartender her order. “A whiskey coke, please.” Then she started to talk with her friend Charisa. She didn’t realize Charisa was already on her fourth cocktail, so she ordered 4 shots of whiskey to catch up with her. They kept talking until the bar was closed. Both ladies went to another bar and ordered dinner too. Marissa had a hamburger and fries, and Charisa had chicken fingers and sweet potato fries. Both Marissa and Chelsea ordered two more beers and a double shot of whiskey and then called it the night. After Marissa closed out the tab, they went back home and slept off all of the alcohol. In the morning they both had big headaches and threw up. By then they had gone and carried on with their daily lives. -Annemarie C

Short Story #4

Barb, who is quick-witted and loves the color green, is a small, average woman who wishes she could disappear because she is a very shy person who hasn’t had enough friends. Barb also struggles with acceptance and loneliness. She feels as if she has spent her entire life having bad experiences and growing up with a family that has disowned her from her family’s wealth. Barb grew up on the streets, bouncing around foster homes. Once she turned 18, she finally left the foster system for good. Now Barb has to find a way to live. She started to find jobs near her. Barb has to understand that mistakes and failures are a part of life. She’s been hoping to vanish for good all this time. One day she went into a tarot card store with a fortune teller who was giving out 30 minutes of free tarot card sessions. Barb took her up on that offer and asked her if she had time to tell her about the future. She said, “Yes, come on in.” “Let me get set up, and I will be back in a second.” While Barb is waiting, she takes a seat and looks around. The teller came back out and motioned barb into her booth. Barb asked, “What will happen to her in the future?” The teller said, “What do you want to see first?” “The fish card, the horse card, or the rabbit card?” Barb picked the horse first, and the teller flipped the card and studied it very closely. She told her “This card, the horse resembles your past life.” it shows that you had a very scarred past, and you are afraid that this could come up at the wrong time in your life now. Then barb picked up the fish card and gave it back to the teller. She read the card and saw Barb’s future because she saw Barb in an expensive house with a family and a baby to come. But the teller lied and told her she will disappear. Because of the lie from the teller, a black hole started to appear behind her desk and took Barb and the teller to another world, where Barb finally made her wish come true. Barb disappears, and the teller closes the store and leaves without anyone knowing.