My Favorite Books

Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen

This is my number one favorite book. This book has amazing relationships and I love the chemistry between Darcy and Elizabeth. I secretly am voting for Darcy and Elizbeth to stay together. Overall I love the culture of 18th-century clothing and the proper personality

Jane Eyre By Charolette Bronte

This is my 2nd favorite book because I can relate to Jane Eyre as I am fighting loneliness and my self-esteem. Jane Eyre is coming of age book and I learn a lot about her growing up and gaining confidence in herself.

Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte

This is one of my favorite books because I like how it’s take place in West Yorkshire moors, this book tells a story of two different families coming from two different life styles. One Family has the life style of the wealthiest and the other family comes from Working class family surviving on what they earned.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

This is one of my favorite books because its one of the kind exposing racial inequality coming from the deep south. This book has broken barriers and telling the world its Ok to be different and not to look down on Black People and think they are they are is just slaves. This book tells a lot on breaking down the barriers of slavery and racial inequality. I have learned a lot from reading this book about slavery and how to treat black people as they are apart of this society.

The Age Of Innocence by Edith Wharton

This is one of my favorite books because It takes place in one of my all time favorite state “New York” a time when society people “dreaded scandal more than disease” This is Newland Archer’s world as he prepares to marry the beautiful but conventional May Welland. Asher falls in love with her. Torn between duty and passion. This is a classic romance set in Old New York and I love this genre but with a twist as this society looks down on.

Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

This is a vivid portrait of a single day in a women’s life. When we meet her, Mrs Clarissa Dalloway is preoccupied with the last-minute details of party preparation while in her mind she is something much more than a perfect society hostess. As she readies her house, she is flooded with remembrances of faraway times. And, met with the realities of the present, Clarissa reexamines the choices that brought her there, hesitantly looking ahead to the unfamiliar work of growing old. I like this book because it takes a glimpses into what a single day in a women’s life. Most people don’t know what it is like to live being a women in this society and this book tells the untold stories of a women’s life living in this society. Virginia Woolf did amazing job telling the story of what it is like living in this society as a women.

Agnes Grey By Anne Bronte (Charlotte’s Sister)

Anne Bronte wrote Agnes Grey in an effort to represent the many 19th century women who worked as governesses and suffered daily abuse as a result of their position. Having lost the family savings on risky investments, Richard Grey removes himself from family life and suffers a bout of depression. Feeling helpless and frustrated, his youngest daughter, Agnes Grey, applies for a job as a governess to the children of a wealthy, upper class, English family. Ecstatic at the thought that she has finally gained control and freedom over her own life, Agnes arrives at the Bloomfield mansion armed with confidence and purpose. The cruelty with which the family treat her however, slowly but surely strips the heroine of all dignity and belief in humanity. A tale of female bravery in the face of isolation and subjugation. Without a doubt this mirrors what my life is filled in and that’s why I love this book. This captures what I want in my life. I resonate with Agnes Grey to fill needed and wants to be heard. I also resonate being confident and having freedom in her life and in mine.