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  • Somewhere New

    If you feel like the reality is coming crashing down near you; you step away, close Your eyes Imagine a place where you are free. Take a big breath and feel the warm breeze hitting your skin. Reality can be hard, but every time you are with your support team you feel everything is in […]

  • Lord is powerful Link

    Lord is powerful Every knows that god is a powerful man. With this link this would help you find a way to have a relationship with him. So keep on having faith in him.

  • Introduction to Annerocktheworld

  • Knowing that having someone in your life that is worth living For!!!

    Hello there this topic for this post is out of my comfort zone so bare with me. Do you have someone that knows all of your flaws? And they still love you just because you are you. Do you know anyone that one hundred percent believes in you and your talent? A friend that always […]

  • Living Your Life!!!

    Do you ever wonder what is it like what life means to you? Well I think what it will be like to live on your own and start to grow up. I have been in my parents house all of my life . I am tried to always live with my parents. I am bored […]

  • Why is life so complicated?

    Why is life so complicated? I have no clue why that is . Life happens in many ways! It could make or break you! Life can change your outlook of life and wonder how is it so complicated and confusing that life can make you feel different about the small things of life. There are […]

  • Wildflowers wildlife

  • Honesty is the key!!!

    Hello there, I have trying to be more honest with myself. I have a friend recently became into my life. He is all about telling the truth and to be honest with yourself. He finally got me to sit and to think what do you want in your life. He haves a voice of an […]

  • It’s time to start living your life!!!

    Hello, it’s time for you to take charge of your life. Start by being your true-self. Find an area of your life that needs to be fixed then fix it. I did I went on a trip that fix my problems. My area is being honest and be less selfish. I fixed it by helping […]

  • Life changing lifestyle

    Hey I have been in Colorado exploring its beautiful nature. I am interning for a film producer. He is a god like person who haves a passion to help others to find god in their life. He and my dad are friends and my dad talked to him to think of ways to use my […]