Henna Art

Recently I got to learn what it is like to live with being Indian. A lot of Indian people especially Girls like to do Henna Art. This is a form of a tattoo but it is not permanent on your skin. Most of your free time with your friends especially with girls like to do Henna as a way of Art and crafts. It only last two weeks and then it will fade away. It’s kinda like nail polish to American girls while having a sleep over. In India the do Henna instead of nail polish while sleeping over at a friends house. Here is a photo of me with a Henna on my arm.

Annemarie Passion story

Annemarie Passion story

Once upon a time, there was a girl name Annemarie. Her career choice is journalism because she was good at writing and she can talk things out on paper. She wants to help people and she loves to write. She went to Guatemala for a church mission trip. She was helping different families to create houses and stoves. She fell in love helping people like the families in Guatemala that they were poor. She loves the feeling of helping people.   So she thought she would be great to travel all around the world reporting on poor people and how the economy is either to low or too high for them to get the necessities for them to live off of. Once doing the Guatemala mission trip there was a girl named Leslie. She has what I have and we became friends. I dance for her and her family to entertain them. But Leslie loves dancing so she copied me. Right then I felt something, But I didn’t know what that feeling was, But I knew if Leslie laughed and have fun she will forget that she was really poor. That is when I wanted to make a difference in the world.


(All information is quoted by Business Insider Website)


( The Facts of Travel writers and travel journalists)


Actually, she wants to be a travel writer. Travel writers generally write about place and do so in a way that allows the reader to visualize the experience, where areas a travel journalist generally tells a story that is unique to that place and does so in a way that relays the facts. Travel writing is one of the most interesting forms of writing. The job of a travel writer is very exacting – it includes writing reviews and traveling. Travel writers work on a freelance basis for travel guide portals while others work on a full-time basis for guidebooks etc. whatever be the case, travel writing can be a very fulfilling field for more reasons than one! Many writers visit countries and places &then compile a travel guide for other travelers to read before they begin their journey. Others, have a knack for research and are able to create interesting visual pictures by the use of descriptions for exotic places, crowded markets and ancient monuments with grace and adventure. Writing and composing travel-related reviews of countries & places based on their personal experiences &visits –for travel portals magazines, travel guides research-based travel writing about bests hotels, shopping destinations, marketplaces and other site seeing options in different countries. Must be found of traveling &discovering new places. And must have an ability to handle pressure. An experience with a publishing house can be an added advantage. A travel writer must be able to articulately tell the story of a destination with an engaging and descriptive copy. I illustrating writing skills and expertise on a personal blog is the best way to gain credibility and recognized.


(The facts of the poorest country including the economy)

This is the ranked for the poorest country that I might want to go to help them out. Ok, there is Malawi-$226.50, Burundi-$267.10, Central African Republic-$333.20, Niger -$415.40. Here is some poorest country with the poorest economy. #20 Dominica Est 1.7% GDP. The economy of this banana producing nation has been increasing buoyed by tourism. The government has enacted comprehension reforms since 2003 in an attempt to liberalize and diversify the economy. This island nation is vulnerable to hurricanes like dean which caused damages totaling 20% of GDP in 2009. #19: Slovenia Est GDP 1.66%. Slovenia has among the highest amount of state control over the economy for all E.U countries. Unemployment has continued to rise even after recovery from the recession. Foreign investment has declined in favor of India, China, and other Iran Est GDP 1.66%. The government emerging markets. # 18: Iran Est GDP 1.66%. The government exerts massive control over the economy and generates the vast majority of its revenues through oil, Sanctions for its nuclear program have divested the oil exporting nation received a loan from the IMF, world bank, and EU in 2008 to service its short-term debt obligations. Austerity programs magnified the impact of the recession and the country has since instituted crisis taxes on financial, energy, telecommunications and retail companies. #16 Netherlands Est GDP1.5%. Dutch banks suffered a high magnitude of losses from their exposure to U.S mortgage-backed securities. Agriculture employs only 2% of the Dutch labor force, yet produces o surplus. A force on deficit reduction in the short term will likely dampen growth expectations in the Netherlands. #15: France Est GDP 1.34%. This nation is the most popular tourist destination. New president François Hollander has advocated deficit spending, Separation of depository banks from investment banks, increasing taxes on financial institutions, and introducing a millionaire’s tax in order to restore economic growth. # 14 Jamaica Est GDP 1.28 %. Services, Particularly tourism, account for nearly Two-thirds of Jamaica’s GDP. The level of debt exceeds the GDP, while unemployment, crime, and corruption are barriers to growth. #13 Germany Est GDP 1.27%. The largest EU economy is hindered by the poor performance of other member nations. German growth has been limited to a decline in demand for its exports, especially from within EU. In the long term, Germany must reverse its low fertility rates and falling immigration to provide an environment conducive to economic growth.


(Why I wanted this career choice)


I will Never forget The time I wanted to become a travel writer because I remember when Leslie one of the member of the families I took care of. She really was truly happy That I was there and took her mind off of her life for a couple of minutes. I fell in love with this career choice.

what is your Story?

What is your Story


Have you ever trying to talk to a down syndrome person and you get nowhere with the conversation? That’s because There are different qualities we might hold in our personality. This person could not talk the same as you do but this person has feelings. You have to be careful with the conversation around the down syndrome kid. We can hear what you are saying and we might act the way we didn’t hear what you were saying but we do hear what you were saying. If you say the R word to us and we don’t like people saying that we are the R word. Because we are not that we are built differently than you. We do the same things what you do.


People like Annemarie who has down syndrome can do anything. Down syndrome is an extra chromosome. That’s means that The chromosome 23 is located inside of you but we don’t describe us that. We have different qualities that made up of who we are.


I am here to tell you how I became a huge impact on this world. And How much Annemarie’s life at the church has impacted her in a way her faith in God is restored in her heart forever. She has the faith in god enough to go around the world to report what is going on the economy and how that impact the poor people in the poorest countries all around the world.


Annemarie has Down syndrome that means that Annemarie has an extra chromosome but she doesn’t make that define her. She has different qualities like she is bold, brave, and smart. And much more she is independent women who love her family.


Annemarie has gone to Incarnation her entire life. Her family grew up in the church.  When Annemarie came to Incarnation she was a baby and she didn’t know what going on but she felt like that I was home. The day I turn 1 years old I was in daycare at Incarnation. Fast forward to her kid years.  She was going to Summer splash and Vacation Bible School. Then she met some good friends during the kid years then a couple of years later She was in High School and She started coming to Youth group and Sunday school in the mornings before she goes to church. I have these experiences she been through. Then the day she graduated from High School She became this Independent woman. I learned that its what is inside that counts over the past years. I gain some great memories here at the church. Like going on the mission trips and joining the youth group. When I was 10 years old I was starting to pray about anything that comes in my head. I knew that if I pray I was connecting with god my holy father. I was starting to write my first book when I was only 10 years old. Then I kept writing in my book over the years. Then I was hooked on writing them. I told my parents that I was going to write a book. They flipped out that I was wanting to write. But when I pray to god he told me that you have a special gift to write out what you are feeling. Fast forward to one year ago I started a blog about the perspective of a down syndrome person. One year from them I went off to college for one year of a two-year program in Missouri. Right now is the summer before I headed back to college. I got an Internship at my church to learn more about writing. This is a great opportunity to start out my writing career. Then couple weeks after I started working here I took a survey about my spiritual gifts. I have the gifts of mercy, helps, and shepherding. This means that I have special qualities by god. Mercy Is one way I connect strongly with god. I am a good listener and am sensitive to the feelings and circumstances of others. Mercy is one of the ways I share God’s love with the people I meet.  I use my passion for writing to share God’s word and love for his people. Mercy is how I can show love and compassion to people who are suffering and burdened. And helps is the second one I have. I love to help people to bring them joy and do my part to make the world a better place. When I can help a person in need, I know I am sharing God’s love. The third and last one Is Shepherding that means I like to help people discover what God meant for them to be. I like to help people understand their gifts and how they can make this world better. With these words, those gifts help me become of my surroundings. I have mercy to gain faith in God and becoming bold and be different and God loves me being who I am. With helping I can help people become the light-hearted carefree person by giving a hand once in a while. And also shepherding people become more open and come off their shell and to spread their wings. With all of three words, I can make people become a new version of themselves and taking charge of their lives. I want to help people understand that God is always here for us. Even when people don’t have the resources they need to live, God loves them. When we are who God wants us to be. He will protect us. I believe this is how we can make this world a better place. No matter where we live, what we look like, how much money we have, or how smart we are-we all share gods love. When we live in God’s love the way he has planned for us we do his work which is much more important than any place we may have had. Leslie and I share the same disability. But we know we are ABLE. We love to help people. We love to share happiness with people. This is the example we share with the world. I believe God has given me the gifts of mercy, helping, and shepherding so I may do his works in this world. I hope to use my talent in writing to share stories of people like Leslie   In Guatemala for a mission trip I went on. Who are God ’s children too? I think that when we can look at the world from a different perspective we better see ourselves and how the God might use us to share our gifts with others. I am interested in helping people because I want to help poor people become one with the world because being one with the world could change an outlook of life and being center of the world. Letting them know the economy won’t be in their way. I want to help poor people because the economy is either too low or too high for the poor people to live off of. I mean to let the income of the money in Guatemala is not enough for the poor people to get the stuff for them to live off of. The economy is one of the popular topic in the public debate in the presidential campaign. But people like Leslie that are poor need to know how to become happy and cherish what you already have. The economy in Guatemala is not very good because they need money to pay the people to clean the streets. They even don’t have air-conditioned bathrooms and that is nor right. They put trash all around the streets instead of putting it in a trash bin. In Guatemala they don’t have a clean food but they eat unclean food and they don’t have fresh water. I know in my heart helping and giving back is nothing like being selfish and it will help your heart become at ease. I have a whole lot of experiences that impact me so much. Like going on missions trips and have a reason why I have so much fun and a whole lot of new things that I am learning from. The memories have with the church has really shaped me into a person of faith and have friends who have my back throughout the hard times. I will never forget the memories of the experiences I have been through for the past years of my life. The gifts of the spiritual survey I took was very interesting. God has given me all of the spiritual gifts like mercy, helps, and shepherding as great things that I might have. I will use all of the spiritual gifts by showing how much we can offer to this world. I will make sure people will understand why we are here to stay.


When I think about my future I want god to know how much I appreciate his love and his faith in me that I can do the things I care about like him. If I put him before my life he will lead me to a path that takes me places. I know that God will lead me to a perfect path for me to go and follow. Its like I am blindfolded and god is pushing me towards my future. I trust God to push me in a way that I know I will enjoy.



Annemarie has some boundaries for god like if he keeps pushing her she will turn around and say She had enough pushing and she can take care of her all by herself. The further god pushes her to do her best she will lose some motivation to go any further but she knows he is just being a great holy father to push her limits. God wants people to push to there limits. She loves this saying (Keep on moving forward and know God has her back).


I am going to give you some examples of how god pushes me in a way that I never know was a part of my life. There was a time when a friend was mad at me because she thought I was hacking her phone but I didn’t. She told me that her phone was dying and there was an outlet to charge it. I took her phone and put it on my computer. Then there was some odd stuff on my computer screen about her phone so I ended up putting all of her stuff on her phone into the computer. I didn’t know If I hit a button that says do you want to put her phone storage on my computer. Then that was the time I end my friendship with her because later that day she told her mother that I hacked her phone which I didn’t. Then Her mother contacted my mother than a big throw down happened and this day forward I stopped talking to her and call it quits. God pushes me to end the friendship with her because he knew that the friendship was a sham when it was first started.


One time I was wanting to go to college. I dream every day while I was in high school what was it like to experience college. Was there cool guys or like what was like to go to a college party? Or just how the schedule will be different from high school. There was a program that needed a person like me to join them. So god pushes me to interview for a spot on the program for college. So when god push me to the day when my dad as an envelope with my name on it. It says that I got into the college. That was day god really pushes me to go off to college. God pushes me to go off to college.

Being independent and being yourself

Hold on to your caps this blog post is going to be a huge one. Wait for it being yourself is not just Being independent. It is owning what you want in your life. It’s grabbing what you hope and dream for. Owning your life is all about not giving up on yourself. This shows you have confidence in yourself. Everyone needs to understand that if you love yourself and not giving up on what you believe in everything in life . Nothing will stop you to pursue your dreams. Otherwise being independent is not confidence in yourself. It is wanting to be on your own and financially independent. Sometimes people are stubborn to ask for help with financial advice. If you want advice in this department then you should hire a financial planer to help you with your finances. That is the meaning of being independent. Being on your own and sometimes asking for help with your financial needs. Here are some positive feedback from famous people all around the world to help you to see it is not just you to be happy honest and smart . Just remember you are you for a reason.

It’s Valentine’s Day

Hello there, Today is Valentine’s Day that is when you get with your love ones and be blessed that you are around them. Valentine’s Day is not just a day for a greeting card company’s. Today is a special day to tell your love ones that they mean the world to them and will do everything for them. Don’t forget to tell them how much you love them. Go around town and tell people that you are blessed by gods word. Make them feel the Valentine’s Day is in your heart not just the greeting card company to make money off of you.

Happy Valentines Day to all people out there.

God bless you

Annemarie Carrigan 💗💞❤️

Update 2018

Hello there this is an update on our website. This year is 2018 and very busy with working my tail off. I am interning with an Film maker and also scooping ice cream at a local ice cream shop called Howdy Homemade. If you haven’t stopped by you should come in and get the Dr Pepper Chocolate chip. It is fun to work at an ice cream store but my dream is not ready to begin yet. My Christian lifestyle magazine business is my dream that I am not giving up yet. I am going to talk to a brand planning person that I know to start a brand for my company. It’s only a step forward to my dream and I am going to reach the cloud to get it. Don’t give up on your dream and you will flourish and reach that cloud. So lift your head up and never take a no for an answer.


Annemarie Carrigan

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Invisibility what is the big deal?

Sometimes when people feel invisible that is when you also feel lonely. Loneliness and invisible is a most common problem we have in this world. I️ have been struggling with both. My entire life and trust me it is not fun. Some people can have their pride be stuck in a way of their quality of life and be invisible to the ones who doesn’t have pride be stuck in their life’s. But there’s one reason why invisible and loneliness can be a real problem. They both can be not a good quality of life and end up not having friends. Pride can get in the way and people will see that and they will think that they don’t want to be friends with you. I️ have too much pride in me and now with people who loves me and supports me will help me see that I️ have too much of pride and I️ need to ask for help now and then. I️ don’t want to be lonely and invisible anymore. I️ am trying to make a change and while I️ am surrounded with the people who love,cherish and supports me although my life. I️ appreciate all of the people out there who is supporting me through the hard times and the good times in my life.

Never let your pride get in the way of your quality of life.


Annemarie Carrigan