Why Fall is one of my favorite seasons

Do you smell the faint scent of pine trees and punkins? Do you see the leaves changing colors? Do you feel the fresh breeze all around you? Finally, the summer has come to a close. No more sweating, No more complaining about how hot we are. Now, we can enjoy the breeze and get cozy in our sweaters and blankets while drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte. I can imagine I am on a couch drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte while reading my book. Personally, this is my favorite time to read books and lounge around in my comfy clothes. I love the smell of lattes, books, and fires. This is my first time experiencing fall living in daymark living. I can’t wait to see the leaves changing colors ad feel the breeze on my face. I hope this fall brings me peace and serenity. It will be interesting to see what daymark does for the fall and the holiday seasons. It’s time to get out your Pumpkins and all of your Fall decorations. Welcome to Fall.

Everyday Blessings

Everyday you wake up to a morning in a bed and a roof over your head. Everyday you are able to walk and able to breathe. Able to eat and drink. Everyday you can do anything if you put you mind to it. Everyday you have entertainment at your fingertips.

What I am going with this is everyday you have these things around you and we forget to think that we have all of these things because of Jesus Christ. He gives us a purpose and our life’s. These is our blessings that is given us from Jesus Christ. When you get on your phone or check the internet remember that you are being blessed in Jesus Christ through his eyes . Don’t forget to be thankful for being blessed in Jesus Christ’s eyes.


Imagine meeting Jesus very first time

Look at the cross and imagine meeting Jesus Christ the very first time. What would you do when you meet him? What are the first words come to mind when you talk to him? Mine would be “wow you are actually real. I thought you are a dream come true”. Then I will hug him. What would you do if you were in my position? Look at the cross and let your imagination go wild.

Motivation to do something

Do you have the motivation to get out of your bed and make your day count? I have recently have the motivation to get out of bed and be energized for the day I am about to embark on. Do you like the small stuff that carry’s out throughout your day? Well for me I take those for granted sometimes and I don’t see the small stuff. I usually just ignore them. But a close friend of mine recently told me to never take the small stuff for granted and enjoy your life. This man is teaching me to explore life. He also told me that God has a plan for me and he loves me. This man name is Ross Van Zandt. He gave me motivation to enjoy my life and to not take the small stuff for granted. I am forever grateful for the motivation he gave me. Do you have that person to teach you to be motivated? I do and his name is Ross Van Zandt.

Be motivated to have a happier life.

Be on the right side of this world.

Stand up / Be aloud / Be Motivated



Easter 🐣

Hello there today is the day when Jesus Christ came up form the dead. What do you think Jesus Christ would do if he was alive today? Would he welcome you in his arms or just ignore your existence? I would think he will welcome me into his arms. What would you think what he look like? Would he be a regular average person or a celebrity? Do you care if he is a celebrity? I don’t care because he is my savior and my holy father. What do you think? If he was alive today what would you say to him the very first time you meet him? Today is the day of remembrance of him and giving him thanks for our sins. Today is the day of telling him that we are so blessed that he died for our sins. Do you agree with me that Jesus Christ gave his life for the good and for our sins? Easter is the day of remembering our love for Jesus Christ.

He is welcoming us to heaven and be with him for eternity. Think of that when you are doing something wrong in your life. He is always watching out for you.

Happy Easter and remember our Savor Jesus Christ on this day.


Annemarie Carrigan

Being independent and being yourself

Hold on to your caps this blog post is going to be a huge one. Wait for it being yourself is not just Being independent. It is owning what you want in your life. It’s grabbing what you hope and dream for. Owning your life is all about not giving up on yourself. This shows you have confidence in yourself. Everyone needs to understand that if you love yourself and not giving up on what you believe in everything in life . Nothing will stop you to pursue your dreams. Otherwise being independent is not confidence in yourself. It is wanting to be on your own and financially independent. Sometimes people are stubborn to ask for help with financial advice. If you want advice in this department then you should hire a financial planer to help you with your finances. That is the meaning of being independent. Being on your own and sometimes asking for help with your financial needs. Here are some positive feedback from famous people all around the world to help you to see it is not just you to be happy honest and smart . Just remember you are you for a reason.

Who is your Best Friend?

Hello there I️ have a question for you! Who is your Best friend? The person who you go to for a laugh or want someone to cry on a shoulder. I️ have two best friends who fits that spot and that is Kurt and Julie Neale . Even through they are old and is a parents of two grown children. I️ met them through my dad. I️ am also interning with them. I️ go to them for a good laugh and want to go to them for a good cry. They mean a lot to me. I️ will do anything for them. They taught me to embrace your differences and be the best version of yourself. Also they taught me to love others and they are a gift from god.

If you Kurt or Julie read this I️ mean every single word on this blog post. You mean a lot to me and I️ think everyone should know this. Thank you for the best years of my life.

What is family?

Describe what is family! Describe what makes up a family ! What members do you think are in your family? These questions are hard to answer at this time. Do you agree with this? Family to me is a loving and supporting people in your life that can help you grow in life. I️ am lucky to have two family’s that support me in my life. A family of people that are close to me and wants to help me grow as a person and a biological family from blood who loves me and also supports me as a person. I️ am so lucky that I️ have two amazing families that they love and support me and want good for me. I️ don’t know what to do without them. What makes a perfect family to you? I️ already told you mine is it’s time for you to make a list of people you think should be in your family.

Family is first for me ! What is your first in your life?


Annemarie Carrigan

Invisibility what is the big deal?

Sometimes when people feel invisible that is when you also feel lonely. Loneliness and invisible is a most common problem we have in this world. I️ have been struggling with both. My entire life and trust me it is not fun. Some people can have their pride be stuck in a way of their quality of life and be invisible to the ones who doesn’t have pride be stuck in their life’s. But there’s one reason why invisible and loneliness can be a real problem. They both can be not a good quality of life and end up not having friends. Pride can get in the way and people will see that and they will think that they don’t want to be friends with you. I️ have too much pride in me and now with people who loves me and supports me will help me see that I️ have too much of pride and I️ need to ask for help now and then. I️ don’t want to be lonely and invisible anymore. I️ am trying to make a change and while I️ am surrounded with the people who love,cherish and supports me although my life. I️ appreciate all of the people out there who is supporting me through the hard times and the good times in my life.

Never let your pride get in the way of your quality of life.


Annemarie Carrigan