Why Fall is one of my favorite seasons

Do you smell the faint scent of pine trees and punkins? Do you see the leaves changing colors? Do you feel the fresh breeze all around you? Finally, the summer has come to a close. No more sweating, No more complaining about how hot we are. Now, we can enjoy the breeze and get cozy in our sweaters and blankets while drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte. I can imagine I am on a couch drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte while reading my book. Personally, this is my favorite time to read books and lounge around in my comfy clothes. I love the smell of lattes, books, and fires. This is my first time experiencing fall living in daymark living. I can’t wait to see the leaves changing colors ad feel the breeze on my face. I hope this fall brings me peace and serenity. It will be interesting to see what daymark does for the fall and the holiday seasons. It’s time to get out your Pumpkins and all of your Fall decorations. Welcome to Fall.

Living With Down Syndrome: What is it like in School and where did I Go? And What Struggles do you have while in School?

I Went to the Rise School when I was 18 months Until the age of 5. Then I went to Bradford Elementary from age 5 until the age of 10 . And I went to highland Park Middle School from age 5 to age 14. I also went to Highland Park High School from age 15 to 19 . Then after I graduate from Highland Park High School I went to the University of central Missouri to attend a two year program called the Thrive Program.

What Struggles did I have in School? I was being bullied for the way I speak and look. I was also being looked down form my fellow peers and some of my teachers. I remember the time I was in Choir Class and my teacher wanted me to sing to my self and not to sing out loud with the rest of the choir. This was one challenge I overcome and I went on moving forward from that day on. This was a learning process for me and I learned that some teachers could be this way. This was during the time I was in Highland Park High School.

Are you the same person on social media that you are in real life?

My social media accounts are tailored to help grow my blog which is the real me by telling my story about living with down syndrome. Each social media platform has a link to my blog and I tailored my posts to stay on trend with a blog entry I just wrote in my blog. I stay true to who I am with my blog and social media accounts.

I don’t understand people making fake profiles to pretend who they want to become. I think this is shallow and do not want to face the truth. To me, this is just pure wrong and misleading people to think that they have everything they want and need. When I see a fake profile it makes me cringe and don’t believe in them.

Why do you think this happens? I think it is because they don’t want to face the reality. I don’t think they care about who they hurt online and the misconception of who you really are. To me, this is catfishing someone who wants to be trustworthy and have a connection with somebody.

How do I make a difference?

How do I make a difference? I make a difference by speaking out about my disability and sharing my experiences living with down syndrome and how I got where I am here today. I love to help and advocate on my behalf in the Down syndrome community. I volunteered with two different organizations that help educate people about what it is like to live with a disability and how we contribute to the community. I love to make a difference in the world and it breaks my heart that this society right now is not seeing people with a disability being a part of this society.

I want to go all over the world to speak and advocate being not normal and everyone can speak up, share experiences, grow, and learn that being not normal is the best part of living in this world. This is one of my motivations to grow as a human being to make my mark on this world.

Sharing my story with living with Down Syndrome is my superpower. I grew up in a family of loud talking and not giving up even when things are going tough. I love where I am today and I am not done spreading the word not normal.

New Year, New Me, How to make resolutions and how to stick with them

2021 has come to a close and 2022 has appeared among us. New Year’s resolution is ready to be conquered throughout this year. My new year’s resolutions are to stay positive, lose some weight, find happiness. Resolation’s is hard to stick with and most people tend to give up before seeing any process. Most people don’t have the motivation to keep with it and don’t think will ever be at their end goal. The key is to take one small step each day to grow. Also change your mindset to stay positive and persistence.

How do I stick with my resolations? good questions I am following my advice to you guys by staying positive and persistence everyday. It doesn’t matter what I do just “Lay a bread crumb” by goggling ways to horn my craft in writing or read books to grow my vocabulary. I also google how to be happy and change my mindset to stay positive each day.

To create a new me for this new year is to follow my goals i set for myself and get motivation from people who i inspired me to grow and stick with my goals. My motivation is my family and sometimes youtube professionals who teach me how to grow in my profession. it’s strange to get inspiration from youtube professionals but it counts to push me further in my career.

Top 10 Things the government should spend the 2 trillion on

Here is my Top 10 things the government should spend the 2 trillion on.

  1. Gun Protection- why because people have been killed on the streets by the number one cause of deaths in the cities are guns.
  2. Going towards Homeless shelters- why because it breaks my heart seeing homeless and poor people on the streets begging for money and for food.
  3. Leveling up on security at liqueur stores- why because the homeless people go in to the store begging for more Alcohol and cigarettes to the point that are to high and too drunk
  4. Prisons- why because they are under staffed and capturing the bad people that needs to be behind the bars.
  5. nurses and doctors- why because of the pandemic people are being let off and we need more people helping the sick people.
  6. police officers- Why because ever sense the killings of the police officers we need more police officers to stand up even more.
  7. hospitals- Why Because the numbers of patients coming in due to the pandemic is hard for hospitals to create more space to admit more people in.
  8. Lowing taxes fees- Why Because every American’s every day taking care of their taxes. by lowing the taxes fees can help the economy in a good way. By lowing the taxes fees the more people will start spending more on tips.
  9. going towards college debts- Why because taking off the pressure after attending colleges most of the time earning an income goes towards lowing the debts of colleges and paying off bills and taxes.
  10. Global warming- Why because cleaning up gas spills and cleaning up the oceans can help the environment save on money and helping the animals. And this can help low some gas prices.

Thanks for reading

What are my core values in my life?

What are my core values in my life? There are 10 core values i want in my life.

Core Values

  1. Family and future family
  2. friends
  3. Relationships
  4. work or career
  5. health
  6. my writing
  7. reading
  8. acceptance
  9. confidence
  10. independence

Going from the first value down I will tell you why I choose these as my core values. Family and Future Family is my first core value because my family is my everything to me. They have my back and support me throughout my life. I Love them and i do know they love me back. I also said my future family, because I dream one day I will have my own family with my husband and kids. I want to raise my future family just like how my mom raised me.

My Second value is friends. My friends also have my back and support me but not in the same way as my family. They are the ones that wants to swoop to my side and start making me to smile and see there is a light to the other side of this tunnel. My friends try to make me laugh and start hanging out with them. If I am sad, they are sad. we share our emotions together which is kinda awesome because we lend on each others shoulders.

My Third Value is Relationships. This comes together with the first two core values. But I put relationships as third because this is coming to the point form intimate relationships, Like a romantic partner. I value for looking for my romantic partner because I long for this kind of relationship the most. I am currently struggling with loneliness and i won’t find my romantic partner. I have tried every which way trying to find my partner but it takes me a long time finding the perfect man for me. ” If anyone knows any guy that is willing to date me sign me up…” i am trying to make this as a funny joke not sure you got that. Back to the subject in hand finding a man is like hurdling cows in the street its hard to find them.

My fourth Value is Work or career. In the further down in the list is says independence and confidence which i go further in detail in a little bit later. I also want to brings this up now because this comes to play in my work and career. I strive to be both confident and independent in my career and work. I want to become the first down syndrome women to be a journalist or a successful writer in my future, in both fields. They need to see if I am confident and independent enough to do the job at hand. I value this as i am trying to work up the corporate ladder to do my dream job.

My Fifth Core value is my health. If i want to see me in the future doing what i love i need to be in great shape and great attitude. By doing this I value my health now because I want to do the things i strive for in my future. If I need to eat more green foods and exercise more for the sake of my future then i will do it. “you can reread this dad if you are reading this”. I need to encourage my dad once in a while so he doesn’t need to worry about me.

My sixth core value is my writing. As I said in a earlier blog post , I said that My godfather is one of the reasons why i fell in love with writing. I value my writing because this is my outlet to communicate to the world. By telling the story about him is why i value writing to tell everyone out there that people like him and so much more is why i write.

My seventh core value is reading. I love reading books because i get to escape reality by sinking my mind into a good book and not getting out of it until i stop reading. I love reading old classic books like Jane Austen and mark twain. these are the days where i don’t know what time is it and i don’t care what time is it because i get to read hours on end. I love these days.

My eighth core Value is acceptance. How many of you guys wants to be accepted in this society? I know I do. The reason why i want to be accepted is because i feel left out because of my down syndrome. no one likes not to be accepted. I feel i am just setting outside of the society because they don’t want to invite me in. I want to be accepted just as i am. Which now I understand i am accepted it just took some time to get there.

My ninth Core Value is confidence. How many of you guys wants to be confident in your career field or in your life? I know I should do. This helps me with my self esteem issue and show i am capable of doing what i care about and do. Before i had a problem on comforting my faults and disability. My confidence in myself grew by comforting everything on camera which was made into a movie that i am in. this shook my confidence and made me to believe in myself even more which i appreciate it in the long run.

My tenth Core Value is independence. I grew up in a family of believers in being independent one day. My hard work and my dedication helps me to be the independent person who I am today. Because of my hard work and dedication i lived on my own for a couple of years and made me realize that i love to be independent and to show to my family i am able to live on my own and start working full time. I appreciate being independent that shows me who i am right now in my life.

Thanks for reading this.

What does this blog means to me?

What does this blog means to me? this blog is my writing outlet letting me do what i love the most. Writing is what i do best at and this is my way of communication to the world. A long time ago when I was in high school I fell in love with writing. I was writing my first essay on “who was the most influential person you have met and why I choose this person” I choice my godfather. He was the most influential person to me because he overcame one of the most terrifying accidents. He fell from a tree clipping icicles. Due to the accident he is now a Quadriplegic and does everything in a wheelchair. He cant move from neck down. He overcame a big life changing obstacle and that is why he is the most influential person. I look up to him and I love him so much. And that’s why I fell in love with writing and by the way i got an A+ on that essay.

From that point on I wanted to keep writing and keep telling stories that means a lot to me and to share them to whoever wants to read them.

I asked my parents what i wanted for Christmas couple of years ago, I asked for a computer for me to write on. On Christmas day years back i had received a computer underneath the tree. I was so excited and started to unwrap the gift and started to set up the computer. The first thing i did on that computer, was i started writing a book called “The Inside of Down Syndrome”. and that grew to writing in a blog that I still do to this day. It has been 6 years maintaining my blog and I finished writing in the first part of the book.

This blog is my way to communicate to the world I am here telling my stories to make a difference in the lives that matters. Writing is my everything and no one will take this away from me because this is my outlet to communicate to people. I will always keep writing in my blog. I love you guys and thanks for reading this blog and making this a reality for me. Thank you for making this blog a huge success.

Christmas Spirit

What does Christmas spirit mean to me? Christmas spirit means I am filled with hope and joy during Christmas time.   I get to be around family and friends who mean everything to me and support me throughout my life. Christmas Spirit is everything to me and I get to think of the remembrance of Jesus Christ.

     Christmas is my favorite season because I get to be with my family and enjoy my Christmas break with the people I love. I love the feeling of a warm fire with cozy blankets, watching a Christmas movie, and remembering my Holy Father. I love being in my comfortable clothes.

When I get the chance to be in the snow, I remember I used to play snowball fights with my brother. I can still recall his funny laugh that makes me smile big. I loved when I got to get out of school to play with my brother. He is my everything I wish we had the same bond as we did before, but ever since he began working full time and has a girlfriend, he doesn’t have enough time for me. Christmas is the only time I can be with him.

I Remember when I saw snow for the first time. I was 3 years old, having a snowball fight with my brother and I nailed him in the head with a snowball. He laughed with me and kept playing in the snow for the rest of the day. I saw wonder in the snow, and I felt at peace and filled with hope and joy throughout the winter season. Every year when I was growing up in the wintertime, we got out of school early because of the snow. The rest of the school day we got to play in the snow. When the evening came, we went back to the house, we drank our Hot Chocolate by the fire burning in our big living room. I always remember playing board games or Wii games. We played Wii bowling and tennis. I used to love playing it.

Winter overall is my favorite holiday because I get to be with my family celebrating my birthday and Christmas.

Overcoming Hard Obstacles

How many of your guys overcome hard obstacles daily? Recently I learned Overcoming Hard Obstacles can build Character and Change for the better outcome on my life. With some help of my support team they taught me that Obstacles is road bumps towards my future and help me see i can learn from this and grow as a human being. Have you notice something on my blog lately? I have been reviewing books to help me grow my platform for helping with my book that I am writing. My friend that I work with closely told me “You need to start blogging about our books to help grow your audience”. I agreed with her and I started blogging the books we have lying around the office. The reason I am telling you this is because the Obstacle for me to tell her that my blog is for people who wants to know my experiences with living with Down Syndrome and not for reviewing books. This was a hard Obstacle that I went on for a little bit to make her happy and maybe some times i will Occasionally do a book review on my blog but not all of the time. Some Obstacles are going to break your pride and that will get to you deeply. Obstacles are there for a reason to block you from getting where you want to go in life. I am learning this at a bad time for me but i know this will build up more character in me and I will learn from this and grow. It’s hard to move forward with Obstacles but keep going . I know you will come out of this with a new outcome on life. This can be a good then just let it come and keep pushing through.