About me 

My Name is Annemarie Carrigan I am a self Advocate for Best Buddies the number non profit for people with IDD. I am from Dallas Tx and live by myself in an apartment in Uptown Dallas. I was raised in Highland Park City. I have two devoted parents who loves me for who I am and an amazing big brother “Taylor”. I love my family and i don’t know what to do without them in my life. Also I have Down Syndrome “if anyone doesn’t know what that is, I basically have three copies of chromosome 21”. I Love Coffee and reading by the fireplace, and watching Gilmore Girls Tv show. Those three things actually sums me up my entire life. And wait I am a movie star! I am a featured star in a Documentary film called “Normie” You should watch it.

Thanks for reading this!

Annemarie Carrigan

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