Why do I love volunteer work

I love volunteer work because when I was younger I always wanted to help people in any way. I started my blog to help people about being different is a blessing. I wanted them to know that People can be different but also the same. we are people who want friendship and to be a part of this community just like you. We don’t bite! we like the same things.

when I was old enough I got involved with best buddies and insistingly fell in love with the mission. I went through all of the best buddies have to offer. Then I got involved with To Be like me to teach elementary school-age students about what it is like to be like me living with down syndrome. To this day still teach the students. I love knowing that by volunteering my time to improve the lives of so many people around the country. Volunteering is a great blessing to me being able to do what I love the most is being an advocate for people living with a disability.

By the way, did you know that I am also a global ambassador for best buddies? This means that I can advocate for more people around the country. I get to travel all around the country being an advocate for spreading the word about inclusion. I love traveling and doing what I love the most. this is the reason I love volunteer work.

I hope my future still volunteering with best buddies and more organizations I can volunteer with. I want to volunteer anyway and be in more organizations to further advocate the best I can.


3 thoughts on “Why do I love volunteer work

  1. I’m thinking about starting my own best buddies. I’m going to call it worst buddies and all the meetings are at the bar and all everyone does is dress up for Halloween or in onsies and bar hop.


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