Best Buddies has left an impact on my life

I started a Best buddies friendship chapter at Highland Park High School with help from my mom. I started getting involved with best buddies ever since. Best Buddies is a nonprofit that breaks down the barrier of isolation for people with Intellectual developmental disabilities. Best Buddies has made an enormous impact on my life in so many ways. Best buddies have taught me to be a self-advocate for people with IDD. Best buddies have given me a chance to be a great friend to so many people in my life. I also learn how to speak up for myself.

Before I got involved with best buddies, I was battling isolation and loneliness. I didn’t have any friends and filled my days in my room escaping the reality of living with down syndrome. My mom saw I was struggling with all of this and she felt really hurt that her daughter was struggling with this. So one day she got on the hunt to find a solution to help me with this. She researches different ways to help me and found an organization called “best buddies”. She looked at the mission statement and felt like this could help my daughter. My mom found a contact on their website to see to start a chapter at my school. Ever since then, best buddies have changed my life for the better. I stopped being isolated myself and started to make friends.

Best buddies are not just a friendship program. It’s much more. Best buddies is a friendship, Job employment, inclusive living, leadership, ambassador, and so much more. I went through all of the programs and I learn something new in each of these programs. I honestly think best buddies have made me who I am today. Did you know I am also a global Ambassador for Best Buddies? I am. I am so excited to make more of an impact in this society by voicing my opinion about best buddies making a difference in this world.

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6 thoughts on “Best Buddies has left an impact on my life

  1. Are you going to stay in Dallas forever or do you like to travel? Is best buddies just in Dallas? What about fashion school? Are you still in journalism? What’s central Missouri like? Have you been to Miami?


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