My Love For Volunteering

How many of you like to give back by volunteering? I have been volunteering practically my entire life. I love every little bit. I have a passion to make a difference and by volunteering my time is great for me to make a difference. I volunteer all around Dallas and Waxahachie. I am on a board of best buddies advisory board and a global ambassador for best buddies. I will do anything to volunteer more and more. I love volunteering and it is a great blessing for me. It breaks my heart to see people struggling. If there is a way i make a difference in every people i will. Since I was young I knew I want to make a difference. I helped my church with the Austin Street Shelter helping them during Christmas and thanksgiving dinners. This was my first time volunteering with my family. I told my parents that I want to keep volunteering in any way. So my mom made some phone calls and got me into more volunteering opportunities. Ever since I keep volunteering in places that need my service help. You will see me in different roles volunteering. You will never find me if you try I am quick on my feet and very determined.

Have you ever volunteered before? if so what is it? I love to know what you have down for volunteering. How long have you volunteered there and why do you love to volunteer? And why do you think that volunteering is so important?

4 thoughts on “My Love For Volunteering

  1. I volunteer everyday with the fbi helping them read. We started slow but now they are putting sentences together and trying new words. What’s most concerning from an objective POV is how much taller it makes their superiors like the central agency which can position themselves around areas of exposure. People like my dad and his brothers literally are willing to breach thresholds so their expertise is needed which would delay the doj at least another 10 years. This positioning is also appealing to our interests which is people currently employed at our fbi. It’s like finance where there is a back end to make a little bit and not just about the front end sticker price. Apparently we can leverage just about anything like trading debt on Wall Street. Who would have thought?



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