2023 New Year

Happy new year, I hope you all have an excellent start. I can’t believe it’s just the beginning of a new year. It’s finally here 2023 has just now begun. It has one crazy year we have experienced last year. I don’t know about you but I am ready to make this year as memorable as possible. I want to make many memories as possible and try things outside of my comfort zone. I want to push myself to do more challenging things while having rewarding experiences. I am already working on one of my main goals for this year. I have to say this I am crushing it so far. My main goal is to have a healthier lifestyle.

Who in your life wants to have a healthier lifestyle ? or a main goal you want to accomplish this year? I don’t believe in resolutions, I only believe in improving myself with goals. Do you believe in Resolutions? if so why is that? What is the reason we want to make resolutions? Is this a new verbiage for making goals?

I believe that Resolutions and goals are the same. Resolution is a fancier term for goals. Which one sounds better? “Making Resolutions or making goals? I like the sound of making goals. But that is my opinion. What is your opinion on what sounds better? Let us make this a poll. What percentage of people like the sound of making resolutions? and what percentage likes the sounds making Goals?

Again Happy New Year of 2023

2 thoughts on “2023 New Year

  1. Raise your hand if you like resolutions. Personally, I don’t make resolutions. I just do things and it wasn’t until the same infringement was done like 100 times when I started to realize that the good lord was playing games with my biology. Things like cutting my breath, ramping up and down my bp, blocking my memory at 2+2 to show context. Then we layer over secondary conclusions for why. No actually that’s happening because you just ran too fast.


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