26 Things I Like About Myself

Today is my 26th birthday, this morning I told myself I was going to write 26 things I like about myself. Then the next thought that cross my mind was “I wonder if there was a way to share the 26 things I like about myself list with people who don’t know how to express themselves with gratitude. Then suddenly I had an idea to write my list on my blog. Here are the 26 things I like about myself.

  • I like my intelligent mind and how it works in my daily life
  • I like giving back to the community
  • I like how I am a good friend/daughter/ sister/ETC
  • I like how I am devoted to my work and passion
  • I like that I care for the poor and the needy
  • I like being the best self as I can be
  • I like being an advocate
  • i like being a part of a community
  • I like how am I so smart and driven
  • I like taking good care of My family and others
  • I like having a career to take me to new heights
  • I like being around positive people
  • I like showing my imperfections
  • I like being around animals of all sorts
  • I like how I am a drama queen/sassy/ and my spunky
  • I like being entertained
  • I like dancing, music, singing in my shower
  • I like fashion, writing in my blog, I like reading books
  • I like being a movie star
  • I like bob my dog
  • I like who I am
  • I like living with down syndrome
  • I like changing my style up
  • i like my messiness
  • I like living at daymark living
  • I like celebrating the birth of Jesus christ

4 thoughts on “26 Things I Like About Myself

  1. Happiest of birthdays to you Annemarie! You have grown into such a beautiful young lady so full of love for life and people. I knew you has a little girl at Rise.
    I love your inspiration ✨️


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