Unmet Expectations

How many of you have unmet expectations? You carry your unmet expectations wishing to meet them. But you don’t even get close to meeting them most of the time. How many expectations have you carried throughout your life? I bit it a lot. I have my own unmet expectations. I have put my unmet expectations before putting my own needs ahead. This has made some irresponsible things lashing out because i have enough carrying all of my unmet expectations. I do these things because I put this before my own needs and this conflicting with my actions. Carrying these unmet expectation is making my life very difficult for me. I hurt my friends here at Daymark because of i put these unmet expectations on them and it’s putting them in a very difficult positions. If any people from Daymark reading this I am truly sorry for putting you guys in a very difficult positions i put you in. I have to many of unmet expectations coming all paths of my life. I need to let them go and not make anymore unmet expectations. This has making my lifestyle very difficult and hard for me. I want to be free from all of this. As in the new year of 2023 I want to free myself from my unmet expectations while also defeating my bad behaviors and outbursts. I want to start the new year with good healthy lifestyle. My main goal for the new year is to focus on making the right decisions for me. Also gaining trust in my parents. One of my unmet expectations is doing the things my parents wants me to do but actually i don’t. That is because they have a very perental way to communicate with me. I always do the opposite decisions they want me to do. This is my way of unmet out because i have the expectations of my parents always taking care of things for me. This is what is called “codependency”. I codependent own my own parents because i know ow they will do everything for me. I take this for granted and i do things that is losing trust in them. I fully understand how my actions and my decisions taking control on my parents life. I wish i can tell them with my words how much i take granted of them and i am truly sorry . This is hard for me to tell them in my own words and this because i feel like they don’t know how much they understand me well . I get caught up with my words and i cry. I sometimes don’t want to cry and that’s why i don’t prefer to say it in my own voice . I know i will cry on the phone and when they hear my cry they want to cry. All of the heartache i put on them is making me want to lose them. I know they are thinking how and why we raise my own daughter this way. Without a doubt i don’t want them to second think on how they think they raise me to be. I am not sure they know how much i take things to heart and i try to listen to them. I love them so much. Both my mom and dad is my hero in my life also i don’t forget my brother. My whole family is my hero and inspiration.

What is your own unmet expectations? please leave a comment one unmet expectation and explain why.

5 thoughts on “Unmet Expectations

  1. I accomplish all of my goals. It’s why I am governed and shepherded through life to meet people who have the opportunity to see first hand their short sighted abilities are indeed, short sighted. This essentially saves them from punishing themselves from unmet expectation as your blog teaches us about. But my intention is just to breathe and I’m treated as if I volunteered for this. No one I’ve ever met or seen is worth this much sacrifice. Yet they all sit back and continue to pray for alignment. Thinking big!


  2. Hi Annemarie. I have lots of unmet expectations in my business, with my friends and family. So you’re not alone with this. Don’t be too hard on yourself! You are loved by so many!


  3. Annemarie,
    I have two points to make on your unmet expectations:
    #1 – you are too hard on yourself. Every day is like a new beginning and you can try to make the most of that day. At bedtime take a count on what you accomplished, then let the rest go. Tomorrow you can try again. I out my accomplishments every night.

    #2 – you are only 26 (almost). Wait until you’re my age (74), before you start thinking about unmet expectations!
    Your Aunt Sue


  4. Merry Christmas gul happy new year be congruent don’t be afraid to call yourself out on your bilshit

    5 steps to a meaningful life


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