November is here

It’s that time of the year when you get out your Turkeys, pies, and of course the stuffings. You know what I am talking about right? It’s Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, because It’s the only day I can get overstuffed with turkey, pies, and stuffing. I also love to be around my family and give thanks for the things I am grateful for. (By the way, I am writing before thanksgiving because I want this blog post covers the whole of November.)

I do this because November is the month for giving thanks and it is not just for Thanksgiving, it’s the entire month to give thanks and to be grateful. This is getting us ready to celebrate the one and only birthday of Jesus Christ. He wants us to get into the mindset to praise him. Giving thanks is allowing us to train our brains, letting the brain grow and develop a pattern to automatically give thanks to the things we take for granted. It goes hand to hand with thanksgiving & Christmas, both of them is allowing us to train our brains to do every day in our lives. I can’t wait for this holiday season ahead.

What I hope for this holiday season is to stay in the spirit of praising the lord and to be with my loved ones. I hope I can stay in the present not letting stress take over my body and mind.

I love the cozy atmosphere of cooler wheater and blankets, comfy clothes, and being around the fireplace. I can see it in my head right now (how strange is that?) Seeing me around the fireplace sipping my coffee and reading a classic book. I love this feeling and I wish this could happen every day of the year. But sadly, it’s not. I can do it for part of the year .

What do you want me to write about this holiday season? I can also answer your questions and give your gift advice if this is what you guys want.

Thanks for reading

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