Learning New Things Every day

I decided to reexamine my mind, and guess what I found? I learn that every day I learn something new, something exciting, or a fun fact. This morning I learn to stay in the present and enjoy every moment that came with it. I also learned recently, I like to walk on a trail in the evenings is relaxing and calming. I loved to take in the surroundings and enjoy this weather. It’s the perfect walking weather. I learn a lot about the emotions behind my thinking process and how this can reflect on the actions of my daily interactions. Therefore, my interaction can come out when not expected, and this might come out in a harsh and mean tone. I realize I need to take a second to think about it before I say something.

Every time I get a chance to reflect on what is going good in my life. By doing this I can use this mindset to push me forward to do things I never do. I try to make myself do something I never do because I want to enjoy my life and do something unusual and spontaneously live like there is no tomorrow. I want to make my mark on this earth knowing i made a difference in this world and also having some sort of an impact on earth. By learning new things can make you think differently and wonder what else can I do to make every day count.

My advice about learning something everyday, is to use learning as a tool to make your life even better. By doing this, you can see something you never knew about. I try to use every day to make new experiences and make great relationships with.

I leave you with a quote from myself. Think to yourself what are the things you want to see in your future. Then just do it right now. Live outside the box and never give up on the things you want and desire. Just go for it.

2 thoughts on “Learning New Things Every day

  1. Wow Annemarie! That’s fantastic! A wonderful and inspiring attitude that can make an amazing impact on you and others around you! Keep the posts coming! Love and miss you bunches!


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