Do you learn something new each day?

I am learning new things every day. I realize that every time I wake up, I feel positive and happy. I think that is because here at daymark living in themorning is super quiet. I like it because I can enjoy my coffee and catch up on my reading and read the bible. I think that is one positive thing about livingat daymark living. I recently got told by a friend that I keep saying negativethings about daymark and its restrictions and rules which I don’t like. Thanks to a very wise friend he pointed out that I keep being negative about daymark. So, I decided that I will try to point out each day one positive thing about the place. Sometimes, it’s hard to think one positive thing because it feels like I don’t have a say on things and the restrictions comes to play. On those days I just keep saying to myself “just keep pushing through the day and when I come back to my cottage I can just collapse in my bed and sleep it off.” This saying helps me go through the bad days I am in. This gives me to stay on track and to lean on god to help fix things for me. I try to learn one new thing each day. Which sometimes can be hard to do. But I lean more on to god to give me one positive thing to think about. Today, I learn to enjoy being alone in my cottage and to be ok to not always depend on my friends to hang out with. Sometimes, I need some me time. Before I hated me time because I like to be social throughout the day. Now, today I am learning to enjoy me time to Detach from everyday things I overthink about. What about you? Do you learn new things each day?

2 thoughts on “Do you learn something new each day?

  1. Daymark sounds strict. Have you seen “the island?” It’s about an island where people live and some of the people who live there start to get suspicious about this place called the island and …anyways


  2. I haven’t learned something new in about 10 years. I think the idea is to sell the idea of short sighted control to people who never tasted anything or enough things which is everyone. What I talk about is kind of different and more categorized as need to share or need to know and/or for your discretion probably written in parables in the Bible without reading the Bible. Interesting. My life is kind of like a pot of stew kept on the stove until it’s needed or until the family decides just to order take out.


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