One tiny step towards my dream

Ever since I have fallen in love with journalism. I have a dream to become the first ever Down Syndrome woman to be a journalist at a major Daily Newspaper. I know this is currently out of reach to get to my dream. How funny this is I was in a meeting to pick someone’s head on my opportunity in the journalism career. I met this guy through one of my childhood teacher’s husband’s good friends. the manager of the local Newspaper. He was kind enough to give me an opportunity at his newspaper. He gave me a paid internship at the Waxahachie Sun Newspaper. He saw something in me, something tugged at his heartstring and insistently he knew I am an asset to his Newspaper. So he gave me this opportunity. He set me up with the editor of the newspaper to iron out the details of the job. She saw a Young, passionate, self-driven lady that has a desire for Journalism. She knew I have a great personality and she put me to work. This tiny step toward my dream of working at a Major Daily Newspaper just got one step ahead of schedule. I can’t believe this is happening to me it’s going faster than I thought it could be to reach my dream. Thanks to Waxahachie Sun for making my dream come alive. So far I am loving my job here and I can see myself here for a long time.

7 thoughts on “One tiny step towards my dream

  1. Joann shared this news with me last week. I’m so happy for you Annemarie. I’m also thankful and blessed to live in Waxahachie, a community that helps others succeed and fulfill their dreams. Look forward to meeting you in person one day soon!


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