Why does your head not follow your heart?

Do you ever feel like when you want to make a really hard decision your head and heart do not align together? Recently My head tells me one thing and my heart tells me another different thing. I don’t know why this happens and for no reason, my head always wins. My head tells me something that feels right but in reality is it’s not right to act on your head by itself and it can get me in trouble sometimes. I always fall in this pit hole and I can’t get out of it. On a typical day my head and heart alligns perfectly on occasion they go completely opposite sides . Which one should I trust the most? I know one obviously answer is to trust both , in this scenario who do I trust? Do I trust my Head or Heart? i want everything to work smoothly . This also. makes me do things that I wish I want to take back and embarrisng . My head and heart usually stay together and if they break apart i am left with being hollow and heartless. Which I don’t want to be that way. What do you think I should do ?

6 thoughts on “Why does your head not follow your heart?

  1. Well, my dear daughter… Welcome to being an adult in this world. I find myself in the situation daily and I wish I could tell you that I always follow my heart… Or my head… Or that there was some formula. All I can tell you is the prayer helps decide what is gods choice for us. And since God made us, and knows us better than anyone, oh and also loves us more than anyone… We should probably figure that he knows best!

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  2. When you feel heartless or hollow would you still consider yourself fun loving and family friendly or maybe just one or none?


  3. I love your honesty AM! For me … I find either one (head or my heart) can lead me in the direction of good or bad. I desperately need wisdom (to know which one to follow) and the power to act under the direction of the Holy Spirit.


  4. I’m right there with you, AM. Sometimes my heart leads me astray, and I’m thankful that my mind reminds me of what is true. But sometimes it’s my heart that enables me to see and feel real beauty and love that goes beyond anything that my mind can explain with reason. So I’m thankful for both. And thankful for friends who will listen to me process the tension between the two and help me make sense of it.


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