Living With Down Syndrome: update on Daymark

It’s been two whole months staying at daymark living. I have met some new friends and I am getting used to the new normal and my new routine. I finally have a roommate. I really like her she reminds me of myself. we both like the same things including reading books and love to write. in the past two months, I have seen some changes in the classes not so good with the food but it’s working on it. I have my set friends I hang out with and yes I am including my roommate as one. This might sound strange but I have been waking up by 7am which is unusual for me. I used to sleep into 9am most days but when I am at daymark I have been waking up by 7am most days. I kinda like that a lot because I can read more in the morning and I can reflect on life too. My mood is getting happier with this new normal and without a doubt, daymark has changed me for the better. Honestly, I’m glad I am here at daymark and I consider the daymark staff as my extended family. I have been working on my weight journey to get healthier. I can not believe I have been working out more here at daymark. Overall my perspective has changed for the better. cannot be blessed enough to learn and grow here at daymark living.

Thanks for reading

5 thoughts on “Living With Down Syndrome: update on Daymark

  1. What a motivating post. I feel like you have waited all your life for this experience to come along. I only wish your grandmother could be here to hear it. Daymark is the kind of place we have all hoped you could find, so you can live your life to the fullest.

    I just came back from physical therapy for my knee replacement and reading this upbeat blog gives me such inspiration to get both legs stronger.

    Another bit of good news – you’ve got a roommate, and like her. Life is good!!


  2. Day mark living sounds like autopilot gul but good thing you can do whatever you want. Maybe move to the beach and open a coffee shop. Your roommates are going to slow you down and drool everywhere.


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