Living With Down Syndrome: To Be Like Me

I have been volunteering with the To Be Like Me Organization. To Be Like Me is a nonprofit I volunteer for about 3 years now. I am a leader teaching young elementary school students about what it is like to be like me. You go through 5 different experiences in different rooms. You will experience what it is to live with being blind and being deaf or hard of hearing, you experience what it is like living in a wheelchair your entire life, and you get to experience what is it like to have. autism, William syndrome, and Down Syndrome. There are much more disabilities, but you have to give To Be Like Me a try to get the whole experience and go through all the experiences yourself. I love being a volunteer with To Be Like Me because I get to dust off my teaching skills and I love making a difference. This Organization has taught me to broaden my awareness of being different from multiple people across America. I want everyone to know that “being different ” is my definition of normal.

6 thoughts on “Living With Down Syndrome: To Be Like Me

  1. That’s the angle for the book I was going to write but the adult norm is to be patient and create longevity for the industry. We’re all walking around with the poise and skills of navy seals and the awareness of longevity isn’t an insurance policy to buy cooperation.


  2. I like this organization. Such an important tool for revealing that “different “ actually is not so different. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Do you still blog ? I lost $3000 in the market today. No one told me quarterly earning reports and CEO plans affect stock prices


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