Making a difference: Growing up

When I was born my mom always tell me you are going to make a difference one day and how much she loves me. Growing up with me in the family was just like anyone one else’s. Becoming a mother for the second time can make things much harder on her and I appreciate how much patience she has taken care of me. She is my everything and I know she knows that. growing up with down syndrome has its perks and some of the things are hard for me to fully understand. The perks are when I travel on vacations I get to go in front of the line and I get things given to me for free. Not taking advantage of this perk. But it is seen to be going easy so far. another perk is I am smaller than average and that means I get to weave in between the lines at water parks and concerts with lots of people. I am really good at weaving my way to the front of the line. Secretly I love this perk. growing up with down syndrome also has its downs. I get lonely and depressed sometimes and sometimes stay in this mood for a few days then I am all good. Also, I get passively aggressive and hurt people’s feelings which i don’t realize i do. I learn how not to get passively aggressive by expressing my feelings in a calm way. You see i have flaws and imperfections but i still love who i am. I have the help with my family and friends next to me which i am internally grateful with and i love them so much. Growing up with down syndrome made my life is crazy, extraordinary, and spetacler.

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