How has my passion changed over time? And why I changed career paths?

I remember a time in my life where I wanted to become a fashion designer and a CEO of Sista Tia fashion Corral a Fashion Magazine for all ages for women and men and different euthenics all around the world. I remember I used to sketch for hours on end and always watched Americas next top model show with Tyra Banks. I used to obsess over Tyra Banks and always copied her mantra at the end of her show. “Who Will Be Americas Next Top Model”. I spend all my childhood obsessing with Fashion and dreamed of being a fashion designer and always want to create my own Fashion Magazine business and to be on America’s next top model consistent.

When I was 15, I got my first computer for Christmas and that’s when I created my first blog in 2015 and started working on my manuscript. That’s when I changed my career path to become a writer. I stuck with it for quite a while now and created another blog that I keep writing in.  I gotten a chance to write for my school paper and gotten a job in books where I still try to attempt to write every day. I wrote over 100 short stories and articles and some poems. I got published in my school newspaper and some websites.

It strange that I changed careers over the years which is still close to my heart. I love fashion and love to write too. I wish I can do both.  I don’t know why I did what I did changing my career. I sometimes regret on giving up on fashion design. I was good sketching clothes and loved making trends. I think I regret making the change careers. If I didn’t change careers, I think I could by now started to turn my sketches into real clothes where I could wear one day. But I still get to blog and maybe put my clothes on my blog where people might look at my clothes. Its Best of both worlds where I can make my own clothes and write.

I don’t know why I didn’t come to this conclusion sooner in my life. I was to busy with life getting in the way and that is why I did what I did in changing my careers.

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