Living With Down Syndrome: What accomplishments I received?

Living with down syndrome as its perks. I got the chance of starring in a film called “Normie” that highlights what is normal and the beauty behind not being normal. I went all over the “United States” filming Normie. I got to say my favorite place I visited was between “New York and Portland Oregon “. I also featured in the “Dr Phil” Show and the daytime “Doctors” show where i got the chance of meeting my favorite actor “Scott Paterson from the Gilmore girls” If no one knows him by his real name he is the diner guy. It was amazing and exciting to see him in real life. I got acknowledge in the ” Delivering Jobs campaign in the time magazine. I also volunteer with “Best Buddies and To Be Like Me” non profit organization. I was the one that put in a chapter of Best Buddies in my High School. I also work full time at a Literary Agency and I keep volunteer that keeps me busy which I like. I got acknowledge at the Best Buddies North Texas Gala last year for raising more money and got crown as “Champion of the Year” which is a 10 week fundraising event to bring in money for Best Buddies. I graduated from University of Central Missouri in the “Thrive Program” with focusing in Journalism. The number one accomplishment i am proud of is being in Normie because I got to finally feel free of my emotions and my acceptance with living with Down Syndrome. These accomplishments as made me who I am today a successful women who knows that I am loved and valued as a human being. I can’t be so grateful enough for what I have done in the process of accepting who I am today. I got to say I love being a women with Down Syndrome. This disability is a gift from god and no doubt that i am so happy for Jesus Christ has given me this disability to thrive and to grow as a human being.

4 thoughts on “Living With Down Syndrome: What accomplishments I received?

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