What are my core values in my life?

What are my core values in my life? There are 10 core values i want in my life.

Core Values

  1. Family and future family
  2. friends
  3. Relationships
  4. work or career
  5. health
  6. my writing
  7. reading
  8. acceptance
  9. confidence
  10. independence

Going from the first value down I will tell you why I choose these as my core values. Family and Future Family is my first core value because my family is my everything to me. They have my back and support me throughout my life. I Love them and i do know they love me back. I also said my future family, because I dream one day I will have my own family with my husband and kids. I want to raise my future family just like how my mom raised me.

My Second value is friends. My friends also have my back and support me but not in the same way as my family. They are the ones that wants to swoop to my side and start making me to smile and see there is a light to the other side of this tunnel. My friends try to make me laugh and start hanging out with them. If I am sad, they are sad. we share our emotions together which is kinda awesome because we lend on each others shoulders.

My Third Value is Relationships. This comes together with the first two core values. But I put relationships as third because this is coming to the point form intimate relationships, Like a romantic partner. I value for looking for my romantic partner because I long for this kind of relationship the most. I am currently struggling with loneliness and i won’t find my romantic partner. I have tried every which way trying to find my partner but it takes me a long time finding the perfect man for me. ” If anyone knows any guy that is willing to date me sign me up…” i am trying to make this as a funny joke not sure you got that. Back to the subject in hand finding a man is like hurdling cows in the street its hard to find them.

My fourth Value is Work or career. In the further down in the list is says independence and confidence which i go further in detail in a little bit later. I also want to brings this up now because this comes to play in my work and career. I strive to be both confident and independent in my career and work. I want to become the first down syndrome women to be a journalist or a successful writer in my future, in both fields. They need to see if I am confident and independent enough to do the job at hand. I value this as i am trying to work up the corporate ladder to do my dream job.

My Fifth Core value is my health. If i want to see me in the future doing what i love i need to be in great shape and great attitude. By doing this I value my health now because I want to do the things i strive for in my future. If I need to eat more green foods and exercise more for the sake of my future then i will do it. “you can reread this dad if you are reading this”. I need to encourage my dad once in a while so he doesn’t need to worry about me.

My sixth core value is my writing. As I said in a earlier blog post , I said that My godfather is one of the reasons why i fell in love with writing. I value my writing because this is my outlet to communicate to the world. By telling the story about him is why i value writing to tell everyone out there that people like him and so much more is why i write.

My seventh core value is reading. I love reading books because i get to escape reality by sinking my mind into a good book and not getting out of it until i stop reading. I love reading old classic books like Jane Austen and mark twain. these are the days where i don’t know what time is it and i don’t care what time is it because i get to read hours on end. I love these days.

My eighth core Value is acceptance. How many of you guys wants to be accepted in this society? I know I do. The reason why i want to be accepted is because i feel left out because of my down syndrome. no one likes not to be accepted. I feel i am just setting outside of the society because they don’t want to invite me in. I want to be accepted just as i am. Which now I understand i am accepted it just took some time to get there.

My ninth Core Value is confidence. How many of you guys wants to be confident in your career field or in your life? I know I should do. This helps me with my self esteem issue and show i am capable of doing what i care about and do. Before i had a problem on comforting my faults and disability. My confidence in myself grew by comforting everything on camera which was made into a movie that i am in. this shook my confidence and made me to believe in myself even more which i appreciate it in the long run.

My tenth Core Value is independence. I grew up in a family of believers in being independent one day. My hard work and my dedication helps me to be the independent person who I am today. Because of my hard work and dedication i lived on my own for a couple of years and made me realize that i love to be independent and to show to my family i am able to live on my own and start working full time. I appreciate being independent that shows me who i am right now in my life.

Thanks for reading this.

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