Life is so confusing

One day things can go great listening to the birds chirping in the cool blue sky. While you drink your cup of coffee listening to the birds singing. You took one big breathe in taking in the scenery,while you calming yourself and reflecting on life. You feel yourself that you at peace with your self and you are on cloud nine. Then out of the blue your day can turn into something wrong and your day is now out of wack and don’t know what you did to make this day bad. ( by the way this is not reflecting on anything that is going on in my personal life. Just wanting everyone know life can be confusing at times)You try to figure out what is going on, you get upset and worrying about how you can fix things. While you try to fix things, things will start to escalate and gone from a bad day to even more bad day. You start get a pain-attack and your breathing is going faster and faster making you not want to breath. You just need to lay in your bed and try to calm yourself, also telling yourself things will be okay. Then couple of hours you will to start feeling better and start having honest conversation with yourself and how you can change your outcome on your life.

thanks for reading

7 thoughts on “Life is so confusing

  1. I’ve felt this way too. It can be confusing, but when the feeling lifts I’m always so grateful. It’s just like the sun was always there even when a cloud was temporarily hiding it!


  2. Thanks Anna for your life perspective,which indeed is a reality but am learning the hard way that life is about kinetic energy,energy in motion,thus our mission is all about relationship or call it fellowship with nature.
    And we’re always invited by nature to grow up and rise above out ego,that always plays hugely in the said confusing life as our ego always struggle to go against the flow of nature,divine laws of order and creativity.
    The most challenging thing in life is to submit to the flow be it negative or positive,thus saint Paul alludes to in his epistles to the church in Philippines 4, to always rejoice and thankful for everything, since all things work for our own good.( Line 4-9.)
    We therefore just need to mature to submit to the flow,thus creativity optimum at our effortles action.

    God’s blessings and Love.


  3. Wait until you meet adults that talk to themselves through their neighbor. It’s called climbing the latter of my testimony. It’s a small world and we keep it small so we can climb slowly sideways but all this time we thought we were moving up. You can slowly see my progression over time to conclude time saturation as a deliberate pathway to biological irritation and perceptive accomplishment. Dang. Let’s agree to shake the stencil.


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