Hard Headness/Stubborn

People always tells me i am hard headed and this could be a bad thing for me to be so hard headed and stubborn. In my prospective this.is a gift from Jesus Christ because I am guiding my heart and to protect me from any danger. Jesus wants me to protect and guide my heart and soul and to give my heart and soul report back to him. This is his experiment and to see how I manage his plan for me.

I am his experiment and i have no doubt that he knows what i am doing daily. I think the reason why he gave me a gift of hard headedness and stubborn is that he wants me to protect my feelings and guide my thoughts towards him and I couldn’t ask for any more gifts he had given me to learn and grow in life. Thanks Jesus for this gift and i am not going to take this gift for advantage of.

The Reason why people think i have a hard head is because I don’t take a no for an answer and i don’t back down on what I am passionate for. I love my gift and i will keep this gift throughout my life.

3 thoughts on “Hard Headness/Stubborn

  1. I think the idea is to torture and move the external environment to recreate stories within religion based on societal perception while also neutralizing the taste of my truth through small quantities and over time. After all, our neighbors and governing authorities that believe themselves to have experience/training are just people who are unaware of their dormant triggers that function only as secondary conclusions to my truth. I don’t think you are either stubborn nor hard headed. I think you are just an extra body sent to doctors that grow self confidence at 27-30 when they finish their specialty training and follow their mentors temperament who led us to a mixed race society where our moms and dads still have to work full time jobs to support us and we aren’t raised with knowledge in academics and combat and athletics but were gods land. We just keep lying to ourselves over and over and over because it’s cheap and fast to leverage perception @abcnews at enticement. Somehow my family rests in protection and my friends were able to make investments in their futures for more perception plays tomorrow.


  2. Isn’t life precious? It’s safe to say we have isolated what is possible from what we believe to be the powerful.

    Ps. Do you still blog


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