Why Racism is at the its peak today?

I have close relationships with people of color and I don’t judge them on what they do or the color of their skin. I love them and support them in anyway they want me to. I Don’t understand why racism occur on a regular basis in todays society. Everyone talks about this like it’s been going on forever. Is that why Martin Luther King Jr did his speech on racism and fighting for the right for black people to be heard and accepted in this society. Don’t forget about Rosa Parks standing up in the movement to sit in the front of the school bus. these famous African American’s made a impact on today’s society but it seems like no one really fully heard them speak. I Know i heard both speech’s from rosa parks and Martin Luther King Jr but I am the only one really listen to them but for everyone one out there that chose to not listen . well all I have to say to you guys is ” you miss out on a speech that could have changed your lives but you are too selfish to listen to a speech that last only 5 minutes of your time too do something childish instead of impactful speech that leaves you speechless.” So I hope this blog post can open the eyes of the people in today’s society to rethink the African American people in today’s society.

2 thoughts on “Why Racism is at the its peak today?

  1. We are a kitchen and Christianity become about because the focal figure was shown this truth and pursued a common agreement on the interpretation of race and the themes of society. Themes are like Black Lives Matter or fighting against anti Semitic or stopping Asian hate or female empowerment. Ultimately we all move based on where we need to (or not) breed based on aesthetics and a little bit of talent. How smart someone is and or how much energy they have are second tier (not exact tier number) destabilizers for interests in outcomes. For example, Jamal goes to highland park high school and he’s only 6 years old. How will that affect the behavior of his peers, the peers parents, etc when they are shown the truth I am saying which is like a currency to get people/neighbors to obey the rules of society which say we don’t speak about certain things despite our (what Christianity calls) blessings being at the expense of one person who eats everyone’s pain introducing us to the primary figure of Christianity so my kid doesn’t have to suffer because he took another L (rap language/lingo) for us that can be pointed to. That’s what I think at least without reading or studying history or scripture just Fox News


  2. I think people are aware of one another and make agreements for today’s matters ahead of time (direction neutral meaning either forward or backward). Surely this doesn’t create horizon risk with different races and nations so there has to be a fixed variable like a religion that directs the electricity to ground so when I come along and say the electricity is not supposed to go that way based on distorted data, the governing then are joined with the religious in defending a truth because I’m still breathing and my credit is still solid all thanks to my own defense and acumen. #robots with firewall not understanding


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