Life Lesson from the prospective of Down Syndrome Women

Here are some life Lessons coming from me. There are misleading information on the internet about what is going on in the life of living with Down Syndrome. I am here to stop the misleading information once and for all. I am going to give you one life lesson at a time to crush those misleading information.

Life Lesson Number one

If you gone online to search for any information on Down Syndrome then stop doing it right now . It will keep you worrying all night and day and let you go through a dark hole of information that is not relevant in this society anymore. It will make you go insane and depressed , which you don’t need to ad to your pressure. This is why you come to me to get the real information with living with Down Syndrome. There are a lot of people thinking up insane ideas to pond off to lonely people looking for guidance to get information on Down Syndrome. These people really want to scam you to think their way is the truth and steal money from you to sign up on their services.

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