Is it annoying that you can recognize Down syndrome just by looking at someone’s face?

Yes all of the time. I don’t like other people having misrepresentation on what we look like and notice that we have Down Syndrome on the fact that you notice off the back that we do have Down Syndrome. It makes me feel upset that they already know I have DS and doesn’t come up to me to start a conversation with me. It is quit annoying that some people still does this. This is why people keep having misrepresentation on what Down Syndrome looks like. I look different then another person with Down Syndrome. I have a small ears and nose and freakly tiny feet and some people may have big feet and big ears. But we both have Down Syndrome even though we look nothing like the other person we still have the same diagnosis. We have different interests and hobbies and have two different stories to tell.

I will tell my story right now

I am Annemarie Carrigan and i grew up/ Live in Dallas Tx. I am in a movie called Normie and I work full time at a literary Agency in Dallas. I live by myself in a apartment in Uptown Dallas and work every day. I also went on the “Dr Phil show” and “The Doctors show” where i get to meet my favorite actor “Scott Paterson” from the show “Gilmore Girls”. I was raise by my two devoted parents and an older brother. That loves me dearly.

That is little about me as a child and where i live and accomplish in my life so far. There more about me if you want to start a conversation with me you will know much more about me. If you start a conversation with someone else that still haves Down Syndrome but does not have the same story as I do. Remember we have feelings and different things we like to do.

My recommendation is go to some one and pick up a conversation with person that might have Down Syndrome. Don’t be shy or mean just be friendly and patient with us.

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