What is it like to live with Down syndrome?

Living with Down syndrome has its up and downs. Some days it’s hard and some days are easy. In my daily life living with down, syndrome is just like any regular day in yours. We wake up every day and go to bed every night and in between, we either go to school/work or eat regular meals three times a day.

When I was a child I was raised by my family who love and adored me dearly. I grew up in Dallas TX in a semi-medium town where everyone knows each other. My mom and dad cared for me and my older brother “Taylor”. While I was in school I was this shy and confident person but everyone in school bullied me and called me names that were hurtful to me.

When I walked into first grade I only met one friend that let me be friends with her and we did everything together ever since we are still friends to this day. besides her, I really didn’t have any friends until high school. That’s when I met two more friends still in my life. I only had three excellent friends that really know me for who I am,. besides that, the other people bullied me and called me names and some teachers bullied me but not all of them.

In my childhood house, my family always have dinner together every night and watch one hour of live tv during the week. I had my own room facing the street and my brother had his own room. He sometimes gets on my nerves and I always send him down on the floor because we sometimes wrestle each other and I always win which is very shocking to him because I was heavier then than

Let’s skip a few years til now. I leave independently in an apartment in uptown Dallas TX and I work at a literary agency called “Dupree Miller” which I love. I also star in a documentary called “Normie” I went around the U.S the film it and met some good friends. I was also on the “Dr. Phil” Show and “The Doctor” show to promote the documentary. That’s when I met my favorite actor Scott Paterson from the “Gilmore Girls” Show. I love the Gilmore Girls and they made me fall in love with coffee. As a child, I used to love “Hannah Montana” “Drake and Josh” and many more.

When I was a child wanted to be a fashion designer because my grandmother made me clothes and I sometimes watch fashion shows and went to New York to see my first Fashion show. A few years later I wrote an essay on who inspires me the most and got an A+ on it. whom that essay I wrote I fell in love with journalism and my dream was changed because I knew I wouldn’t be able to be a fashion designer which isn’t a reliable dream and journalism is a reliable dream for me. That is why I choose journalism and I couldn’t be happier with that choice.

There it is you have gotten a first look at what it is to live with down syndrome. Did you learn something from this if so comment below.

2 thoughts on “What is it like to live with Down syndrome?

  1. People can be so mean but good thing there isn’t a lot of people to choose from who each behave differently and do not repeat each others personality quirks and types of conversations like a broken record then we have to balance the biology of our body with each situation all before paying monthly bills for cars and houses and utilities. Grown up life is very interesting even when you’re filthy rich like billions rich then there is meeting the different races and religions and the power plays of dominance and then you add what I’ve been telling you this entire time about weird stuff people can do and it relating to their lives and their future and kids future and business moves they make for themselves like saying hey Anne Marie why don’t you give me all your paychecks so I can save them for you but really I just spend them on candy and sodas and we just sit there confused like how does that make sense but then people like my ancestors have written religions so we find biological neutrality or peace and try to move forward so a bunch of other people can live through us. It’s wild. I wouldn’t have ever known how Anne Marie felt when she walked into first grade unless she said something. I’m family friendly


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