What do I value in my life? is it my health or is it my worth? well honestly I have 5 values I live up to some I don’t live up to. But what will I do if I don’t face my values straight up? Do I loose my self confidence and my self worth if I don’t live by my own values everyday? These are the questions everyone is thinking in their heads everyday trying to figure out what we value in our lives.

My Values are

Value number one- I Value my work life. I go to work and proudly answer the phone calls and getting the mail. I Proudly get to help with the editorial team by reviewing Book Proposals and manuscripts. I love my co-workers and my boss. This is the world where i can share my love for literature and i can help news authors make there dreams come true by writing a book.

Value Number Two – I value my family. Honestly I don’t know what i would do without my family. They have my back and i have their backs. Yes they do get sometimes annoy me but i love them. They for sure get on my nerves and they for sure like to pick on me but I do know they do it for my safety and likes to get a rise out of me. They want to get my attention and see if i react to that.

Value Number Three- I Value my love for Books. This is a rewarding life where I get to escape reality and transport me into the book. I have a book case full of classic books and cooks books. I am a avid reader and I love it. I read practically everyday and i love it.

Value Number four- I value Volunteer work. I love helping people and i get to do that by volunteer at non profits like best buddies and TO Be Like Me. I like to help people see what is out there in their community and see that they are not alone. I have a huge heart for the poor and teaching the children about what is not normal in this world.

Value Number Five- I value my health. Even though I am the worse at this but i am learning everyday my health is a big part of my life. I try to eat healthy but the carbs are getting to me. I try to workout four times a week. I always procrastinate and get to my head saying don’t workout today but i do know i need to. My head gets in the way for me to workout. Raise your hands if this happens to you?

These are my values and I try to live with these in my head.

what are your values and are you living with these in mind?

Thanks for reading

3 thoughts on “Values

  1. I value the psychology behind forcing decisions like the choice for an elderly to decide between their health and food. I do not consider that to be a premeditated form of enhanced techniques at a professional expert level serving as a foundation found in many of our famous friends that make it onto cnn, fox, joe Biden’s transcript.

    I also value knowing when to torture someone’s body from inside and balancing it with an in person conversation or constant public spotlight to balance immobility.

    I also also value privacy and time.

    I also also also value reverse discovery which is when for every 10 punches you take you respond to 1 where a paparazzi is standing there waiting to take your photo.


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