How can you make new friends?

It’s been a long time since making new friends and it is hard for me to try to find new places on finding them. I have been thinking of ways how people are making new friends and I have wracked my brain out on how they are finding new people to hang out with. I have searched countless websites and YouTube videos and I have no clue how to start meeting new people and all they say on the websites and videos is to start to opening up and the new people will find you. Well they are wrong’ I have been opening up and they are not finding me. What should I do? I really want to start making more friends for myself. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Also with adding another level to top that’ I also have Down syndrome and it’s totally different in that Prospective on finding trustworthy friends. What should I do to find a trustworthy friend that I can hang out with?

One thought on “How can you make new friends?

  1. You’re going to want friends to find you so you don’t have to explain anything. Explaining is exhausting. Can you imagine have to explain everything all the time and then you have to wonder if they will even believe you if the response is not within a societal norm of responses. Aren’t there adult kick ball leagues you could join on your own? What about bowling leagues? What about book clubs? What about having multiple jobs like hostessing at a restaurant? What about the animal shelter? What about going to community college to study anything you want? All my friends are like secret spies and they watch my life from a distance while they sleep. It’s fascinating the types of obstacles I get to walk through under their supervision. It’s wonderful people like my friends that remind me of all the wonderful things teamwork and Christianity does for us in our communities. I guess one thing I don’t understand is how immigrants from the Middle East can tell federal agents (today and tomorrow) what do to from inside? I guess it’s like a secret power. Thank goodness for my friends whose dads and granddads saw this coming and were vocal about it everyday.


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