Did I do anything wrong to cause my baby to be born with Down syndrome?

Here is a question for me to make newly young parents needs to know. Absolutely no. there is no physical way you did anything wrong to cause your baby to be born with Down Syndrome. It is just a chromosomal difference. That means people with Down Syndrome just have an extra copy of chapter 21. This is nothing to do with you he/or she is born with it. This does not mean you can’t handle raising he/or she they just needs more hands on parent to keep them safe from the society. They are just new to the world and they need to depend on you but you. You need to be patient with us because it might take a little longer to grasp to something. Our brains don’t work as fast as yours but with over time we can be matched up with your brain. Just take some time and learn from this. Once you understand us the more you can see what we are made of. My Number one advice to young parents about to have a baby wit Down Syndrome is to be patient with us and you don’t have to worry about us we just take some time to process things. No worries if you don’t understand us just come to my blog and I will help you out. By the way I have Down Syndrome so you don’t have to to do this alone. I am here to help in anyway you want me to.

One thought on “Did I do anything wrong to cause my baby to be born with Down syndrome?

  1. Makes you wonder considering there is absolute control over everything including the biology of the body. Maybe you’re the secret weapon of the people that take stuff for granted or go to churches and synagogues forgetting that it’s a reminder of what is possible and yet there isn’t a verbal discussion on a larger CNN level platform for why because it would make balancing communities more difficult or something. Who knows. Maybe it’s a game where four brothers live within us equally or maybe two parents or just one person altering the context of Moses parting the red seas which could be our ability to think and make decisions. Dunno but maybe you could ask the people in my life who have come from great distances for some $$$$ as they play their own game with their future and current kids.


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