Are You Living A Meaningful Life?

Am I living a meaningful life? Umm let me think about that. First lets think about the definition of the word of Meaningful. What is your definition of this word ? The Merriam-Webster definition is having a meaning or purpose. So think back on a time when you feel like you are living a purposeful life? Now Think back when i friend says how much they love being around around you. Did you feel anything? maybe you were feeling so meaningful knowing your friend loves being around you. Are you living the life you always wanting or are you just skating by? Either way you still have a meaningful life because you make new friends and relationships you are making stays in your life . Don’t forget about your holy relationship with Jesus Christ. He knows you have a purpose and a meaning in your life because he made you just as who you are.

For me I honestly think i am living a meaningful life because I am making an impact on the world and knowing who iI am won’t change that. . I am making an impact on the world by being a voice with people with Down Syndrome. Just by saying that it gives me a meaning and a purpose in my life.

What is yours?

2 thoughts on “Are You Living A Meaningful Life?

  1. So lemme get this straight – you’re saying (speaking through) that when AMC references a holy relationship with JC, the interpretation is a living something inside and yet we don’t spend every day reminding our judges and lawyers and cops that we are logically victims of anything brought unto us? It’s like living on a credit card knowing an inevitable fate and cruel considering I’ve been sitting here for at least 6-7 years since your tactical behaviors and longer if we ignore the deliberate bookmark placed 6-7 years ago


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