What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge In Life, And How Did You Overcome It?

What has been your Biggest challenge in life, and how did you overcome it?

My challenge is accepting myself with living with Down Syndrome. Everyday I constantly telling myself that i am not who i am meant to be and constantly telling myself i am wondering why god made me who i am and that made me feel lonely and depressed for a couple of years until the day a true friend came to me to ask if i would like to be in his upcoming film he was making and i accepted it. From that point on he opened my eyes to a new beginning and went all over the country filming it. I am the star of the film and during the process of filming it i got to understand I am accepted for myself and god loves me just for who I am. Thanks to Kurt Neale the Producer of the film “Normie” for opening my eyes wide open to acceptance and the grace of god. I didn’t realize I am that important to God and that he loves me for just who I am. I Overcome the biggest challenge in my life of accepting who I am with living with Down Syndrome.

What is your Biggest Challenge in your Life and how did you Overcome it? Comment below so i can read it

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5 thoughts on “What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge In Life, And How Did You Overcome It?

  1. After all these years you still are reminding yourself about chromosomes? I just don’t look in the mirror because I know I’m aging and all of my energy is being taken from me and applied to build foundations in people I would never have met or cared to meet if I wasn’t deliberately slapped around like a pinball. I think that’s how people seeing the future aids them in avoiding cars driving to an intersection at the exact time you’re trying to walk across the street. We only see as far as we’re shown which is like promising someone a dollar tomorrow if they stay loyal. I have no problem with this shepherding tactic nor problem with anything which is a valuable foundation to clone in future people introducing us to expectations of those that seek to capitalize emotionally and financially from my image. If you’re a movie star do you have a star on Hollywood blvd in California? Have you written a book yet about life so people know how to better relate or speak or act? Are you in to fashion? What about journalism?


  2. Hi Annemarie, I also struggle with the feeling of not fitting in and troubles with who I am. I have learning disabilities that affect my relationships and work. I have recently thought of going on disability but then I feel like I am not trusting God enough. I also have struggled with the fact of taking medication for my ADD and depression but also struggle with the feeling of letting God down.

    I am so excited for you and your movie. Is it out yet and how can I see it. I am so glad that you found someone to help you find acceptance. It is truly hard to find people that will go out of there way to help someone. I like to help like your friend too. It’s just that right now I would also like to have someone to help me. It really does take a community of support. You encourage me and I am great full for your blogs. Keep up the great work.
    If your able to you are welcome to email me anytime


  3. I’m releasing your prompt and wondering if it was a trick question. What if we’ve had no challenges in life because everything is easy? Everything is easy for me which is why I guess my body systems anchor me at every possible opportunity to taste uncle Bernies embarrassment when the bully’s got him when he was younger or maybe some of his athletic accomplishments


  4. You are not alone in feeling like you were born into the wrong person. God has plans for you. Big plans. You just won’t understand or grasp the magnitude of those blessings until God says it’s time for you to. I can assure you that it won’t be what your vision of big plans and blessings are. It’s greater than what we can phantom. We just have to continue to search for Jesus in our lives, Seek yea first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness and all these things will be made unto you! The sooner we stop dreaming of what we want and do what God wants…..the sooner it all makes since. I love you my broken healer! 🙂


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