Why people don’t stay in the present?

I am carious about why people don’t stay in the present or “The Now”. I always think what I am doing tonight or what i am doing next? I don’t consider the now and whats around me to contemplate about life . I was talking with my dad earlier today about why we don’t stay in the present. I came across a powerful conversation with my dad while we were walking on the Katy Trail. He said the reason we don’t stay in the present is because we always worry about the small things and we sometimes don’t slow down with our daily living and we don’t have time to stop. I fall into that trap of always going and going and don’t realize i need to slow down to breath and to stay in the now. We always fall into the trap and we need to lean on a trusted friend stand back up on our feet. we need to stay in the now to listen to the birds chirp and the leaves falling on the ground and feel the fall breeze on our faces. Sometimes we rush and rush to the next thing and not to gather our thoughts before we go to do the next thing. We need to practice this to not be to stress out and not to lash out to the people we love the most. Lets try this this week to see what happens and jot them down in your journal and then by the week ends you will look back on it and to see how this actually helps with our emotions and you feel much happier and at peace with yourselves.

One thought on “Why people don’t stay in the present?

  1. Some people aren’t allowed to stay in the now. A simple days approach makes me responses less potent then someone who lives tomorrow, next year, next decade. Therefore adult men sharpen themselves here because my responses are damages that are sustainable vs. acting against when my blood pressure isn’t deliberately dropped under a camera so they can build off perception and deal with this problem tomorrow, next year, next decade like Jamal in da ghetto who lives check to check. The parkies are no different but blinded by an artificial strength that stems from increased access to memory and a help with timing when they throw the football at HPHS like Matt Stanford. Come on. But we’ve always lived check to check it’s just how it is. Then add medals, zip codes, car brands, clothes, and fat proportioned to the tricep vs the stomach for quicker plumping and a marine uniform.


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