What do you guys you want me to write about?

I am in a writing Slump. This is what i called a writer’s block that I hate. So I am asking my visitors “What do you want me to write and cover in my blog?” I will try to cover the subject to my best knowledge.

Thanks so much! My Blog is for everyone who is interested in reading a good blog post. Coming from a Down Syndrome Young Women named Annemarie Carrigan. Please leave a comment below with your topic and I will write about it.

4 thoughts on “What do you guys you want me to write about?

  1. I really enjoy writing so here are some ideas:

    1. Different experiences in different writing environments like nyc, Seattle, Austin, Southern California, Montana, etc. maybe Florida but that state is kept on the dl

    2. What it would be like to live life according to unspoken normal and then all of a sudden have your friends family and coworkers speak directly to events in your future to see if you respond accordingly or comprehend at all.

    3. What it would be like to explain such experiences

    4. What it would be like to watch something like this correlate with irregular biological movement like a robot

    5. What it would be like to have adult males try to fight you just to entice a drop in blood pressure so you can’t defend yourself and then watch as they call themselves king David with a sling shot

    6. What it’s like to try to explain your ideas to friends and family who know what you’re going to say before you speak

    7. What it would be like to petition the fbi for intervention but every time you do they aren’t smart enough to interpret the law even when you speak to the audience then “the Christ” guides them with strength in a direction

    8. What it would be like to explain to your friends that it’s more important to raise your hand to truthful testimony than come see me to enrich their life financially and with energy inside

    9. What it would be like to have people shaped in the image of your family members and balances by images of friends and coworkers with the only guarantee being the internal spindle (chemistry).


    You asked


  2. 11. I forgot one of the most important: what it would be like to deliberately have holes poked into the foundation of your life k-12, and college so that the future pathways are squeezed putting emphasis on a cash redemption from the fed that you keep all to yourself.


  3. We should write an article about calibration regarding never being out of the fight. It’s a saying the military uses to keep marines going. Knowing when to stop. This article could be for normal folk that have grandiose ideas combined with a 10 minute mile time redeemed at introspection.


  4. I would encourage you to continue writing whatever the Lord puts on your heart. Even if it is one word or sentence. I love the pictures and scriptures you post. Trust God!


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