Why coronavirus is making a New Normal?

Do you ever think why coronavirus is here in the first place? I understand that someone in China brought it in the United States. Why does the politicians make this so big today? This question is here for the politicians needs to answer to. We need to fully grasp of this because it is making a new normal for us to live in! Imagine wearing a mask for the rest of your life, and always having hand sanitizer on hand to go into a public restroom and a restaurant. Also standing 6 feet apart from your love ones for of your life? Imagine you will never give a hug From your love ones in The next Ten years of your life! I don’t know about you but I am ready for this darn virus be over with so we can go on with our life’s. Who is with me on this? Let’s team up to make coronavirus go away forever!

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2 thoughts on “Why coronavirus is making a New Normal?

  1. They may have done it on purpose to keep you from being family friendly and fun loving. Those are probably some of your best attributes. By doing so it increases the value of other people enough to dilute the energy you’ve put into being so fun loving and family friendly totaling for a confusing period of time and putting emphasis on your ability to explain words that taste like phrases already diluted thanks to our elders.

    I guess at least these are external problems. Imagine having to explain that every time you walk down the street and Jamal tries to get you to listen to his mixtape by raising his fist, your blood pressure drops and you’re as strong as a 5 year old child.



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