Why Homeless People make me Hurt Inside

Last Night, I Had dinner with my mom. While we were driving to the restaurant, I saw a homeless person sleeping underneath a Highway. When I saw her I wanted to cry because I have a heart for helping the homeless because I want to make a difference in their lives. There were roughly 553,000 homeless people in the United States on a given night. It’s expanding every night due to drugs and Alcohol abuse. How can I help homeless people keep off of these substances and off of the streets? It makes me feel hopeless for standing by seeing multiple homeless people on the streets struggling for their lives. I want to help them and I want to take a stand for limiting the amount of homeless people on the streets and put them in a government safe programs to help them figuring out to put their lives together. Do you know why Homeless People make me hurt inside? It’s Because I have a heart to make a difference in their lives and I love them foe who they are as a person. I Know I have a big heart for homeless people is a gift from Jesus Christ. He wants me to help guide them to a safe and loving life. These are Jesus Christ’s Children and he loves everyone in this world for who they are. I am here as a child of god helping him spreading his love to every child of his.

Let’s take a stand on limiting the amount of homeless people off the streets! Put them in a Government safe programs, putting their lives together once for all.

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4 thoughts on “Why Homeless People make me Hurt Inside

  1. Excellent essay and what a wonderful heart you have! I hope you continue listening to your call. You’re an angel.


  2. Homeless people are the people that didn’t take the time to study in high school and or go to college. They are the people that couldn’t buy a pack of beer or some drugs without knowing how it will effect their lives. You’re asking for the government to redeem them so they can point to mommy and daddy problems as excuses.

    Then we sit in our s550 amgs in comfort and say well we must have it together when really both rich and poor submit (really) to what Christianity calls the Christ inside who for me is the devil inside and out. This makes me the outliner according to statistics easily quantifiable and provable to the law who says I’m entitled to life and a pursuit of happiness vs treading of water.

    But this comes with consequences-> it’s acknowledging that god exists in a variable capacity and exposes the layers in between which ultimately just kill time making religion a game of terror that shepherds the person with the controller. (Plural)

    I think I may be the smartest in the room


  3. I’m just now catching up in your rock-the- world writings … Just read the one about your love for homeless people and thought about the man we passed the other day

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