New Year, New Me

To recap in 2019, I have been on the “Dr. Phil “show and on The “Doctors” Show Promoting my Film “Normie”. If No one knows what this film is about then I am going to tell you what this film is about. Normie is about the illusion of Normal and The Beauty Of  Love Through the lens of Down Syndrome. I have been very busy with this film this year Promoting this film. I Have Been to “Los Angelas” To Be on Two TV stations and filming a PSA that I am Featuring on. I have been in a Full Page “Time” Magazine is one of the faces of this Movement That “The Entertainment Industry Foundation” Called “Deverling Jobs” Campaign. And Writing a Story about a Film that is not yet out yet Called “Carol Of The Bells”. And Guess What Do You Know John Travolta From Greece? His Older Brother “Joey Travolta” is the guy Who Directs The PSA that I am in. He in Person gave me this Story to write to him about his movie that he just finished.

How Cool is That? It’s Pretty Cool. Family this past year was ok and very quiet It is nice to be quiet because sometimes quiet is a great time to Reflect on Life.

This Next Year in 2020 I want to go on a Diet to loose Weight and try to make my life less Stressful Like I have been in 2019 over the small things. I Want to Feel Happy Again and be less stressful on my body. I Want to take care of my body and my Self Esteem. Overall I want this New Year to start off with a Bang and Finish with a Bang.  Because  I am taking my Life into My Adult Size Hands and becoming an Adult Citizen of the U.S.

I Can’t-Wait For This Transformation turning into Motivation for This New Version of My Life.

My New Motto is Transformation is Motivation for Lifes Greatest Moments.

Thanks for Reading

Let’s Make This New Year a Great Year for Transformation.

Happy 2020

3 thoughts on “New Year, New Me

  1. Wonderful blog post Annemarie! You have had an amazing year filled with great accomplishments. I hope 2020 will be just as great or better!


  2. What an amazing year. You really have had some great experiences this year Annemarie! I’m looking forward to watching what comes next. You’re keeping me inspired.


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