Define Kindness & Self-Centered

How many people consider themselves Self Centered? I Bit in Today’s Society over 50 percent of the people consider themselves self-centered. How many people consider that our pride gets in the way of their lives?  Why do you think that we don’t look inside of our lives? We hate to commit that we are flawed and broken.

In a recent conversation with a family friend of mine ask me the definition of the word Kind. I said, ” Kind is doing something to other people and not wanting something back in exchange”. I just learn that and made me think about how much people do not want to be kind but want to be nice. “Nice is doing something to other people but do want something for themselves in exchange”.  I Call these people Self-centered and I hate to admit that I sometimes am a little self-centered. I really don’t want to be self-centered my entire life but I need help from other people trying to pull me back into helping other people.

Why Do you think you are Self Centered? Do you think Jesus Christ wants us to be self Centered? I Don’t think Jesus Christ wants us to be self-centered.  I think if you truly want to help people that is a gift from God. Being Kind and focusing on other people is the definition of following Jesus Christ.

Here is a clip of a girl singing on Universal CityWalk and her picture!



5 thoughts on “Define Kindness & Self-Centered

  1. That’s the idea of a church. 50% toward me and 50% toward y’all collectively like a team. Imagine how painful it would be to naturally demonstrate these principles and have to live among the poor so they can learn by eating at you and learning from your responses. If life is ruthless, then technically the whips never stop unless we’re playing with our food.

    Thank goodness for your blog it brings people back to reality.


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