What Is The Beauty Of Love?

Look all around you do you see someone you might need some love? Do you see someone off of the street that needs a hug or a friendly How are you? Is it weird that we are stuck to our technology and we don’t see people that need a connection with someone else?  We are so selfish and we don’t want to have a human connection. God makes us and he wants us to spread his love all around our world. He sees everything and I honestly don’t like seeing people taking advantage of our world. When I see a person on the street of Dallas I see a person that needs love and shelter. Why are we so attached to our technology? I Don’t understand why we are so attached to our technology instead of going to a local community shelter and to serve food. Everyone deserves to be loved. I don’t like seeing poor people on highways begging for money and we don’t give them the time of day to give them a few dollars for water and food. What makes us so prideful to not wanting to contribute to our society? Our pride can get in the way and it can affect other people.  Honestly, my Pride does get in the way all of the time and I hate every second of it. We are all broken and our pride is apart of that. That is the Beauty of Love! We all are loved for our Brokeness and our weakness.

3 thoughts on “What Is The Beauty Of Love?

  1. I don’t think we are broken or weak. I think some people gamble to climb and some people are happy naturally. The happiness is like a fortune and a happy bottom 50% is a more productive 50% so like a car before it’s release, we stress test this happiness even if it’s incredibly cruel. Thank god we can’t see the future.


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