Everything is falling in Place

Hi. Somehow I accepted the fact that I am born with Down syndrome. When I accept myself everything went up in the air and I felt light and very peaceful. Thanks to Kurt and Julie Neale the producer and director of normie. They opened my eyes to a new world full of laughter and acceptance of not being normal people. Every since I accept myself everything is up in the air with normie being successful and new opportunities open up for myself and both Kurt and Julie Neale. Without them I couldn’t say that I am in a documentary film expressing who I am actually. They open my eyes in a huge way. More opportunities will open for us and I can’t wait. I can’t believe this is a new world of acceptance and people who believes in me enough to call me there alternative daughter. “My guess that they call me there alternative daughter to me they are my alternative parents “. Let’s take a stand to let everyone know to accept the fact that they are born differently and embrace it.

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