How Many people don”t know the word “Wonder”? When we were kids all we see is wonder all around us. We See Birds and a sky that goes on forever we also see Bubbles. We think how amazing this is and we can’t get our eyes off of it. We see magic in theses creatures. Our attention Spands can go on forever and ever imaging new wonderful things all around us. We once were kids and we just keep imagining things all day.

Then, we grew older and Older Until we weren’t kids anymore and Reality comes in to Play. We can’t just daydream while we were in school/Work. Daydream will cause us to get Sidetrack and then causing us to mess up. Which I understand we all make Mistakes. Wonder is okay when we were kids but when we grew up into Adults wonder can cause us to throw our lives away. I think wonder is our way wanting us to keep imaging things. We can, but not during our work Days.

Wonder also makes us to get inspired and motivate us to do things outside of our Comfront zone. Doing things that we Don’t do often can help you grow as a Human Being Pushing us to try to do something different every day feels good inside knowing that you push yourself to do things you Really want to do.

4 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Sometimes we mess up just to catch the people who follow our lives and businesses too closely or to pursue a conversation that would be impossible to understand unless we were following closely.


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